Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pablo was out in his garden the other day welding together big pieces of iron. Before that he was sawing a bed frame apart. The big long iron pole he made is sticking out of the top of the tool shed and then down into the ground. What is he doing? Trying to make a dooms-day device? Though every time that old man is out there fiddling around in his tool shed, you can smell the cheeba rising. I just want to know what that pole is for.

Usually Abby sleeps an hour, then asks to nurse, and goes back to sleep for another hour. Well today, she woke up after an hour, made some noise and went back to sleep without nursing! We’re now in our second hour and so far no requests! Go Abby! My boobies could use a small break.

My goal for tonight is to go to Target to get a rubber twin-size sheet for the mattress in the small room (I love that mattress and want to save it from stains), dish soap, and a Hot Wheel car for Abby.

Abby’s been running around naked more and more, which is fine with me. Most of the time Abby will bring me a diaper when she needs to pee or poop and then she’ll sit on the potty with the diaper on. This afternoon I noticed she was starting to do a potty dance and asked her if she wanted the potty. She told me no, so I offered her a diaper. Again Abby said no. I guess she was too busy reading and didn’t notice that she starting peeing. I said, “Abby you’re peeing, do you want the potty?” She looked down, touched her thigh and started crying. I don’t know if she was surprised or embarrassed or upset that she had peed. Abby didn’t want me to help take off her wet socks and get cleaned up. All she wanted to do was continue reading like nothing had happened. I brought her some dry clothes to put on and a diaper and finally she let me get her clean. That’s never happened before.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Yankee/Oriole’s game was actually fun. I’m not a big fan of baseball, but Scott can’t get enough of the statistics. We sat in the bleachers four rows back from center field. They were prime homerun ball catching seats, and at one point we did have to cover Abby’s head! Abby got a game ball from one of the Yankee outfielders. It was the overpaid juiced-up guy that stands in the middle. Ask Scott if you want to know whom exactly.

The sun has finally decided to make an appearance today. All this rain has kept us inside for a good four days. Abby and I need to find an indoor activity for tomorrow if it rains again. I’ve exhausted all my indoor at home activities. Maybe I’ll bake a dairy- free spice cake when Abby wakes up. She loves baking.

Wednesday we’re planning to go to the Aquarium and maybe this time we’ll walk around Coney Island a bit. Then maybe I’ll get around to sewing this Mei Tai that’s been sitting in pieces on my desk just begging to be put together. If anyone wants or needs a Mei Tai with an extra- large body in orange with pineapples and extra- long straps in natural canvas, it’s yours for $50. It’s exactly like the one I’m wearing in the last post, only I believe the body on this one is two inches smaller.

Friday, April 21, 2006

It feels good to be home! Scott had the house cleaned and ready for us when we got home. There’s something special about walking into a spotless house, especially when it’s yours. It feels yummy.

We have discovered another allergy in Abby. On Wednesday afternoon, Scott and I decided to stop for ices. Abby and I got orange. That was the first time Abby ever had anything with artificial flavorings and colors, and it gave her a huge break out. Not to mention it made her totally loopy. So we’re dealing with eczema right now. We all hate eczema. Never again will Abby have artificial flavorings or colors.

Scott got Yankee tickets because The Orioles are in town. Now if only I can find Abby’s Oriole jersey…

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Visiting family is always fun. The laughter, the tears, the drama… but Abby and I are having a blast on the air mattress. One thing I hate about coming home is running into people from the past. So far, I have been lucky. I always think of the book "Homecoming" by Cynthia Voight when I am on the train heading towards home, maybe because it takes place in Maryland. If only Dicey had train tickets.

Before Abby and I left for Maryland, we made a stop at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Prospect Park Zoo. We saw a few babywearing people in Bjorns. If I had some business cards, I would have passed them out. There are many options besides the Bjorn, and most people do not know that. It makes me want to yell it from the mountaintop.

Scott informed me that Marjorie and Pablo are out of town this Easter weekend and he has the house all to himself. I wish I were with him.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The library can be such a fun place to visit. All the books you could ever want just waiting for you to read. It’s a shame the library branch in our neighborhood is so tiny. I found a book on Prospect Park. Looks like Abby and I are going to be doing some urban hiking!

The security guard at the library creeps me out. Physically there really isn’t anything wrong with him, just an old man with white hair and a potbelly. He stands at the front desk, and every once in a while he’ll tell the kids to be quiet. I noticed he tends to pick on the boys that play Yu-Gi-Oh cards after school. Abby wanted to nurse and I noticed him watching me intently. I wasn’t sure what the Guard’s intentions were so I turned my back to him. Old geezer.

Pablo came upstairs again. He’s been coming up here a lot lately. This time I heard Pablo coming up the stairs. Our carts were on the landing still, and he did some cursing at them. Where am I supposed to put them? Marjorie won’t let me keep them near the front door and there’s no room in the apartment. Scott will have to put them in the attic for a bit. I really dislike our landlord.

I just realized Abby ate all green food today. Oh well.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Abby and I are sitting down to eat our lunch of left over spaghetti and red grapes, when I hear our grocery carts out on the landing being shifted. A moment of panic sets in as I await a complaint from our Landlord’s husband, Pablo. Usually I hear him huffing it up the stairs complaining about his wife to himself, but he was surprisingly quiet today. The guy looks like a hippy that dropped too much acid.

Around 3:30pm Marjorie, our landlord, and Pablo decided to yell at each other. Abby was taking a nap, so I gently opened our door to listen in. They fight all the time. Scott says it’s because they are shut-ins. I think Marjorie and Pablo are just plain nuts.