Sunday, May 7, 2006

The month of May has turned into a busy month. It’s giving me heartburn. On the 15th we’re going to Maryland for a graduation and then going back down again for my father. I still have one more make-up shift to work and finish my API questions.

Friday I worked at the co-op and Abby went to childcare. About half way through my shift I get called to go to childcare. My heart skips a beat and my stomach drops. It must be a mother thing to always assume the worst. I get up there and Abby has red scratches all over her face. She looked like she was in a catfight. The women there could give me no straight answer as to how she got like that. The one woman kept telling me she looked tired and was rubbing her eyes constantly. Well, she was having an allergic reaction to dairy. When dairy comes in contact with her skin it causes hives and her eyes to puff up and get itchy. Abby had a huge yellow sign on her back- “No dairy, No eggs, No peanuts!” No one there knew how she came in contact with dairy. I was pissed. Here I am trying to get Abby allergy free, and we get this, more eczema and sleepless itchy filled nights. The women there are co-op members like me and mistakes happen, but when it’s your kid, it can be upsetting. People need to be careful around kids with food allergies. Food allergies are serious.

A new family moved in next door on the second floor apartment. They look like a thirty-something couple with a girl about the age of five. The second floor apartment has access to a deck, slightly lower than our kitchen window. Anyways, these people are chain smokers. Every time I look out there, there they are sitting on the bench smoking. When the wind blows just right, I can smell the rank smoke. Yuck. I hate cigarettes. To me, smoking says you have no respect of your body or self.

Wow. This entry turned into quite a downer.