Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Quiet mama-time. Scott had to work at the co-op today and he took Abby with him. I’ve got the whole house to myself. Whenever Abby is out, I have this moment of “what do I do?” What do I do? I could clean, but what fun would that be. I could take a long very hot shower. Ten to one, I’ll just sit here at the computer and work. Maybe I’ll hop back in bed for a quick nap before the troops get home.

Yesterday we went to the Aquarium. We did learn an important fact: Tuesdays are school field-trip days. There were too many kids! I’m still partial to the Baltimore Aquarium, but the NYC Aquarium has a few charms. The jellyfish exhibit was fun, but Abby was scared to death of the jellyfish. The atmosphere was what made them creepy. Another exhibit we found interesting was the walrus. This huge walrus kept coming up to the glass under water to look at the people. You could hear his skin rubbing against the glass.