Saturday, June 3, 2006

It is raining again. I thought I would share some breastfeeding pictures. At The Bronx Zoo there were two baby gorillas. Scott was able to catch a photo of one nursing. Here’s a photo of Abby nursing in the Mei Tai. I rarely wear her in a front carry unless it’s an emergency. This photo was for a demo.

I made play dough today. When Abby wakes up, we’ll play with it a bit. The only thing it’s missing is cream of tartar. I couldn’t find it at Key Food. I hate that place. It’s junk food central. How do people find anything to eat there? The customer service sucks too. It once took me a half hour to pick up a sack of whole-wheat flour because the cashier was so slow. Insane.

Talking of insane, Pablo has a two by four sticking out of the top of his shed. There’s a work glove on the roof of the shed. I have no idea how it got there. This morning I noticed he put a black metal head and footboard to a bed as a small fence to part of his garden. I took a photo of the metal bed frame and wood.