Friday, June 9, 2006

I've got a bout of insomnia tonight. I hate when this happens. I get so tired I can't sleep. It's one of those times where I just lay in bed waiting and waiting to fall asleep and nothing happens. Reading usually tires my eyes and mind, but these kinds of nights, I could stay up all night reading. At least it's not too late in the night yet. There's still hope for a good night's sleep.

Abby and I took advantage of the sun this morning and went to the park. I met another mother there who stays home on Fridays. Her daughter was a year older than Abby. We had a pretty normal day. Scott took us out for a nice Turkish dinner. Oh, how we all love Middle Eastern food!

The other day, Pablo spilled coffee on Marjorie's rug. The shrieks that came from that old woman's throat! I thought she was dying! Scott told me he saw Pablo climbing up to the roof of the shed. Pablo is not exactly in the best of health. He can barely climb the stairs to our floor, and I can hear him wheezing a mile away. Scott, nonetheless, called down to him from the window about our leaky bathroom faucet. The poor man was startled by Scott calling to him, he almost lost his balance. Pablo has "fixed" our leaky faucet three times now, and it's worse than before he fixed it the first time. I hate leaky faucets.

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