Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ok. Today was not the day to go to The Central Park Zoo. It's Puerto Rico day. There was a parade down 5th Avenue right next to the zoo. I couldn't hear myself think. Abby enjoyed the polar bears, and was terrified of the turtles this time.

I can hear Pablo downstairs fiddling with the front door lock. It always comes loose after a while. Speak of the devil, he just rang the bell for me. The man's key doesn't work. He broke the lock trying to get in. Great.

Tonight I have to finish my API questions. I have just one little bit left to do, but I keep getting side tracked with other stuff, like MySpace. Scott says it's for teenie boppers and sick horny old men, but it's addicting looking up old friends to see where everyone ended up. Ahh, well, the novelty will wear off soon.

I'm so used to seeing pigeons on the ground, that it's odd to see them way up in the tree desperately trying to hold on to a branch in the wind.

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