Friday, June 2, 2006

Things are finally getting back to normal around here. There was a bit of a sewage problem in the basement, but it’s been fixed- hopefully. Pablo kept turning the water on and off. At least the bathroom doesn’t smell funny anymore when I take a shower. Scott and Mateo put in the air conditioners. Tomorrow, I’ll have to do a more thorough cleaning.

My father’s stay here went all right. I believe they made history with an eleven hour drive from Maryland to NYC. They ran into seventeen miles of stopped traffic. We went to The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, The Bronx Zoo and enjoyed a Polish dinner. Two toddlers in one house is a ton of work. As the girls get older, I think they’ll get along better.

While I was at my Mom’s, we did a spa treatment called The Blue Grotto. It was amazing. My skin was absolutely radiant for days afterwards. If you ever are in Fulton Maryland, check out The Pearl Spa off of route 216.

The thunderstorm we had last night was incredible. We all sat in the living room in the dark and watched the electrical light show. I heard in Maryland the storm dropped hail. As I type this it looks like it’s about to storm again. Of course it’s going to rain right as I want to leave for Utrecht to get easel paper and a chalkboard eraser.