Monday, June 12, 2006

This was Abby this morning. She's becoming very selective about her slings and Mei Tais. Abby didn't care what baby I put on her back as long as some thing was on her back in the carrier she had picked out. She was all ready to roll! Just needed some pants!

Abby had an intellectual growth spurt some time last week. She's been talking like crazy! It's kind of nice that Abby can say what she wants. Especially when it comes to food. Mango and Veggie Booty are her two top favorites, followed by avocado on rice. Scott is working the evening shift tonight, which means Abby and I have to fend for ourselves for dinner. Cheese-less veggie pita pizza it is. I hope Abby outgrows the dairy allergy. She's almost eczema free from her last out break. There's a few more patches behind her knee, but they're very slight.

I'm getting the itch to make another carrier. Only this time I want to make a wrap. I need four yards of high quality woven fabric. When I make a Mei Tai, it's easy to order the fabric online. 10-oz canvas is pretty much the same anywhere, but I need to feel the fabric for a wrap. I guess I'm on the hunt for fabric. Maybe I should do a gauze wrap since it's getting hot. See any good wovens or gauze let me know.

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