Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wow. What an uneventful day. It was so slow I polished the floor. I got down on all fours and scrubbed. The Method Wood Wipes rock. They make the wood floors all shiny and slippery. Only thing is they come from Target. Oh how I love to shop at Target. Target is one of those stores you know you shouldn’t shop at, but like a bad addiction you go anyways. Target supports their pharmacists who won’t fill prescriptions for contraceptives or the morning after pill due to their moral and religious beliefs. Icky. Victoria’s Secret is another one of those guilty pleasure stores. Here is a company making tons of money off of women’s boobs and they won’t allow a customer to nurse in their fitting rooms. They say it’s against store policy because it’s “unsanitary.” Really? What’s unsanitary is when people try on bras and panties. That’s unsanitary. To help Victoria’s Secret realize women who nurse also shop at their store and some times need a place to feed the baby, there’s going to be a country-wide nurse in! On July 1st at 1pm at your local Victoria’s Secret. There’s a thread about it at Check the lactivist forum for more details and exactly why this is taking place.

Abby and I took our usual walk down to 60th street and back. Soon, I should start walking down to 70th street. Walking 30 blocks doesn’t tire me out like it used to. I love walking down 8th avenue in Brooklyn’s China Town in the morning when all the fish trucks arrive to drop off their goods to the seafood markets. Salmon, eels, trout, snails, conch, frogs, turtles, crabs, puffer fish, and shrimp all being tossed into huge vats of water, some still alive and squirming, the rank smell of fish and ocean filling the air. I feel like I'm in a different country.

For dinner tonight- locally grown zucchini, sautéed lightly in olive oil, with spaghetti and a bottle of Brooklyner Weisse Beer. For desert locally grown blueberries and peaches, first of the season. Go farmer’s markets!! Support local farmers! Buy local and direct!

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Charlotte said...

Amy-She is growing up so fast. Also I think that what's going on with Victoria Secret is a great idea. Even though I never got to breastfeed Livy I fully support what's going on. Also I fully agree on the Local Farmers Markets!! We go to several here and I love picking up fresh corn, tomatoes (good for spaghetti sauce), and peaches (mmmm). Well just check out Livy's page as well. I update it just about everyday if I get a chance to. it's Have a great day!