Friday, July 28, 2006

Last night we were all in bed getting ready to sleep and we hear an explosion. I didn’t think much of it because there’s always noise outside whether it’s a car backfiring, car alarm or plain old city noise. The lights started flickering more than usual (we live in a very old building and brown outs happen on and off all day) and I asked Scott to look out the front windows. He tells me to come have a look. Shooting out of a pothole are huge blue flames in the middle of 45th and 5th. Scott called 911 and I sent Mateo downstairs to take pictures. People were actually driving through the flames to get through the intersection! I couldn’t believe it! How stupid can you be? In some parts of the city the wiring is so old that when it gets hot, humid and people are using a lot of electricity, the old copper wires heat up and burst into flames. What’s funny is Scott and Mateo had seen a news broadcast on how bad New York City’s wiring is. The firemen put up a barricade around the pothole and let the fire die down on it’s own. Today there’s a bunch of ConEd trucks outside trying to repair the damage. I’m happy our electricity didn’t go out. Today is the first day of the heat wave. Talk about excitement.

I made dinner last night because Scott had to work late again. He should be home early today. We need to go to the Co-op for shampoo and toilet paper. I made rhombus shaped pasta tossed with olive oil and organic frozen green beans, peas, carrots, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, red peppers, broccoli and water chestnuts with a banana, pineapple, papaya, mango, peach, strawberry and blueberry vanilla rice milk smoothie. There was plenty left over for lunch today. That meal sure does cover the rainbow. Eat the rainbow!

Abby had her sixth month dentist visit today. She had another cavity, just a little one that I had seen. We’ve been lucky that I’ve seen them before they got to the point where she needed drilling. Abby brushes twice a day and flosses at night, I never allow her to eat or drink refined sugar (well, ok, she’s had an Italian ice at the zoo once), or any kind of highly processed junk food, and she’s never had a bottle. We also don’t use children’s toothpaste because of the sugar in them. Sugar and processed foods are our enemies!! What we are battling in her mouth are genes. Scott had terrible teeth as a kid and now Abby’s got them. Looks like we are going to have to step up the teeth brushing routine another notch. Here we come Sonicare.

It’s storming again. I love summer thunder storms. ☺

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scott is working late tonight and Abby just went down for a nap and it’s 6:30pm. Looks like I’ll be up late tonight. I hate eating dinner by myself. Though I didn’t really have a “true” dinner. Almond butter and strawberry preserves on two wild rice cakes with a side of a handful of dried apricots and small bowl of Tings is more me snacking for dinner than anything else. Well, honestly, it’s being lazy. I could stir-fry some frozen veggies, but that would require me to actually cook. When Abby wakes up she’ll have the rest of her dinner from last night- veggies with pasta.
The plans are not set in stone just yet, but it looks like I’ll be in Maryland from the 11th to the 28th. We’ll be in Ocean City the last few days before the 28th. We need some good clean suburban air, and a good reminder of why we don’t like the suburbs.
I had written about what my c-section did to me physically weeks ago and for some reason every time I go to post it, I don’t. I think I’ll post it after my meeting with the Fertility Awareness Center ( on August 3rd. In some ways I am still angry with what happened and my ignorance of the American medical establishment at the time. I know my child and my body better than any doctor and I have the right to say no. My next child will be born in the comfort of my own home.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Abby and I got up at 8:30 this morning and headed over to the pool for swim class registration and the line was huge. We waited for two hours! Most of the kids in line were between five and eight, so there was room in the toddler class for Abby. Her first lesson is tomorrow.

Today has been a day of deep cleaning. I rearranged the bedroom and dinning room and cleaned all the dust bunnies. I moved Abby’s toddler bed into our room and that opened up the dinning room a bit. Everything has been feeling very cluttered lately, and I am hoping this rearrangement and scrubbing will help. I used my favorite Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds. This stuff rocks. It cleans everything from the hard wood floors, to the bathroom, to the kitchen and all the way to the laundry and it smells so piney. My floors got a good scrubbing as well. Later I’m going to wash the kitchen floor and attempt to clean out the dinning room air conditioner.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What an insane past two days! Abby and I have been super busy! Friday was jam-packed with a La Leche League meeting in Manhattan, then uptown for lunch with Scott, then a play date that ended in a downpour of rain, and then home for an SGI meeting. For the play date, Sarah and I tried to take the little ones to the Douglas-Degraw pool and on the way there it started to storm. Lightening was literally hitting the building next to us and the thunder was deafening as it reverberated off the buildings. We ducked for cover in this garage filled with really old cars. It turns out this man owns a few garages scattered around Park Slope and owns all the cars in them. He rents them out for movies and parades and such. A few of the cars in the garage we were in had been in a few movies. We saw the green car that was used in the B-52’s music video for “Love Shack”, and a truck that was in seven movies including “Pollock.” A very surreal experience.

On Saturday was the Babywearing Bonanza. There was an amazing turnout! We were able to help many mothers with their carriers and introduce new mothers to the world of babywearing. There were even a few vendors that came. I met the owners of Angelpack, Mei Tai Baby and By-My Side. Abby had way too much fun playing with the other kids, and she fell asleep before we even made it back to the subway. I can’t wait to start working on next year’s conference. It’s going to be huge!

After the Bonanza, Abby and I met with Scott and Mateo in Union Square for dinner. Mateo and Scott drove into Manhattan, so we shopped at Trader Joe’s. The only things I get at Trader Joe’s are frozen fruit and veggies. They have a bigger selection than the co-op when it comes to frozen goods. By the time we got home everyone was beyond tired and we all snuggled in bed early.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today went by fast. Abby and Juda look so cute together with their bowl haircuts. They played well together. There was only a little squabble over who got to pee in the potty first. I love watching toddlers interact. They don’t really play with each other, and a certain toy can become a hot commodity fast. Amy and I are going to set up a weekly play date for Abby and Juda.

My Ellaroo came today! It’s greener than the photos I have seen online. I’m happy it’s not too girly because what if the next baby is a boy? ;) When Abby wakes up, I’ll have to take it for a spin. It needs to be broken in and a wash to get the extra dye out, but I’m impressed with how light it is. The Ellaroo will make a great summer wrap.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Hotsling arrived today! I heard the mailman downstairs and I watched at the window to see if he had it and he did. I yelled out the window for him to leave it on the steps, I’d take it. The mail usually goes into Marjorie and Pablo’s door slot, and then they sort it and put ours on the table downstairs. I didn’t want to wait. Abby helped me open the package and she was just as excited as I was saying, “Sling! Sling!” We took it for a spin to the park this afternoon. The fabric has just the right amount of give to it and the padding on the leg rail only goes halfway around which I really like.

Abby and I met Vicky and her daughter Sophia this morning in the park for a performance by these weird mime/dancer guys. It was a bit over Abby’s head but she enjoyed the time with Sophia. We actually spent most of today at the park since the heat wasn’t too bad today.
I’ve got to a through cleaning of the house tonight. Tomorrow I’m watching Juda for Amy and Josh, and Friday night there’s an SGI meeting here. It’s mostly the dinning room that needs to be picked up. Everyone dumps his or her stuff on the table and then I have to sift through it every morning.

Monday, July 17, 2006

This weekend was awesome! Thank you Alice for watching Abby while Scott and I went out to the movies. Adult time is always fun! Scott, Abby and I had a blast at the park with everyone Saturday morning.

July 24th is registration day for the second session of swimming lessons at the pool. I’m hoping it won’t be too crowded and Abby will be able to take a class. They’re free classes and you can’t beat free. The Sunset Park pool is my new favorite place. I swear the pool is the size of a city block. It’s the biggest pool I have ever seen. The locker room attendants like to assert their “authority”, but once you are outside the lifeguards are in charge and the atmosphere is relaxed. I wish there was a bit more shade. The sun can be killer, yet my SPF 50 sun block has kept my legs pearly white.

My carriers were shipped today. I can’t wait to try wrapping. I’ve used a wrap a few times before, but it wasn’t the correct size. It was way too big for me and the extra fabric was unbearable. The Hotsling will be perfect for trips where Abby wants to walk part of the time. I’ve got an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder that I use, but I hate all the padding. It makes me feel like a football player. Here’s a little plug for The Babywearing Bonanza- Carriers are truly addicting.

For dinner tonight, I’m making veggie-fried rice. I found this recipe for Couscous Sand Castles that I want to try this week for lunch. Here’s the link. The co-op has these dried mango slices that I can’t get enough of. My belly is full of mango!

Here’s another photo of Abby attacking me for bebees, and a photo from the last time we were in Baltimore.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh Happy Birthday to me! This morning Abby and I got up, made the bed, picked up a bit, and then had the rest of Scott’s cereal. ☺ At 11am, Abby and I headed over to the pool for nice dip before lunch. The sky was blue and not a cloud was overhead! Plus all NYC public pools are free! For lunch we had avocado and pita bread. AMC came on at one and then we took a shower to wash the pool smell off. Abby’s taking a nap now and I just ordered an Ellaroo Maija wrap and a sage green cotton stretch Hotsling. Am I on cloud nine now?!

Tonight- Sushi at Nanatori! Scott has been working for two weeks straight and he’s actually getting off early tonight. We’ll be able to eat dinner together for the first time in days! I am just too excited about the new carriers! I hope they get here before The Babywearing Bonanza. What fun! ☺ Tonight there is a special on breastfeeding on 20/20. I hope it’s pro-breastfeeding. In celebration here’s a picture of Abby nursing!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Abby, Jill, Steve and I went to the NY Aquarium today. I say this every time and I’m going to say it again, the zoo pass rocks. We saw the sea lion show for the first time. It was a bit crowded. I still haven’t figured out when the best time to go is. There is always some kind of school or camp trip going on at The Aquarium more so than The Bronx Zoo. This photo of Steve and Abby is funny. Steve is like "who is this kid?" Since Abby has been waking up at 9:30 and not taking a nap until 5pm, I thought a long day out would get her tired enough for an early nap. We got home a little after 3pm, jumped in the shower and laid down to nurse for a nap. Abby had other plans. We ended up playing together until 4:50pm when she decided to fall asleep. What’s with the 5pm nap? I want the 2pm nap back. That was the perfect time for a nap!

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Scott and I watched the documentary “Why We Fight” the other night and it got us started on a dialogue about society and we ended up on parenting. Heavy endless topic, I know, but we came to a few conclusions about what we want in our house and our lives. Also this article by Judith L. Rubin moved us both to think about junk toys. Here’s the article:

Scott and I have decided that no more plastic toys will be allowed in the house. Preferably we want to buy fair trade fair wage toys made here in the US. I seriously believe that it’s not worth the social cost to buy some cheap plastic toy made in a third world country by little kids that get poisoned by fumes from the manufacturing so my kid can have that Barbie. Scott and I buy consciously when it comes to food, why not the things we buy for our child? We already have a no Disney or TV character policy. Although Sesame Street characters I’m pretty lenient about, but absolutely no TV. After our conversation I ended up weeding through Abby’s toys. A lady came to pick them up today for a single mom of three in need of help. Abby only plays with a handful of her toys and it felt good to get rid of the excess.

So keeping with our new rule of no more plastic toys, instead of going to Toys R Us we took Abby to The Scholastic Store to pick out her potty celebration toy. She got a wooden sushi kit. The sushi sticks together with Velcro and there’s a wooden chopping knife to cut the pieces apart. It even has sashimi pieces. Everything goes into a bento box complete with chopsticks, soy sauce dish, wasabi and ginger. Abby played with it for literally two hours last night just chopping sushi.

I ordered Chinese food for lunch today and it came with a free can of Coke. I drank half of it. I can’t even remember the last time I had a Coke. It’s been over six months. Hopefully the caffeine won’t keep me up tonight. I wanted Turkish, but they weren’t delivering today. Abby and I were in the mood for some dolmas. I don’t know what we’re going to make for dinner. I’m still full from lunch. Maybe we’ll just have fruit smoothies.

Mateo brought his car up with him from MD today. Scott and I are going to take a car grocery shopping for the first time in over a year! Only problem is we don’t have a car seat! Abby needs one up here for times like these. Now we can drive to Ikea instead of taking the Ikea shuttle. We need drinking glasses. Most people have a sock monster that steals socks. We have a cup monster. Where do they go? I’ve only broken one, so I guess Scott is breaking them and just not telling me or we genuinely lose glasses.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The fireworks were amazing last night. We watched them from the roof of Jill and Steve’s apartment building. Abby was fascinated by them and actually sat through all thirty minutes. Jill made awesome cupcakes and even vegan ones for Abby. Thank you!! Scott made an all American Fourth of July dinner of buffalo burgers, fries and fresh corn on the cob. It turned out to be a perfect cool night.

Potty ‘learning’ has been going surprisingly well these past few days. We still owe Abby a trip to Toys R Us to pick out a toy in celebration of using the potty consistently during the day. I also need to get waterproof undies and a tiny potty to use when we go out. Public restrooms scare me. I hate taking Abby into them and the thought of her having to sit on a dirty germy toilet is terrifying. I’d rather lug a little Baby Bjorn potty in a bag. On a side note, I hope we can use a cloth diaper service for the next child. Abby used them while we had free access to a washer and dryer. I liked them. Scott could never get them pinned right.

Pablo is out back again fiddling around in his shed. Marjorie and Pablo were going at it yesterday evening before we left. Some thing about he took her money and she can’t run his life anymore. It’s sad yet comical. I really should set a mike up out in the hall and record their arguments. They make me chuckle. I’m glad we can only hear them out in the hallway. Abby shouldn’t have to hear Marjorie and Pablo.

Here’s a picture of Abby’s first “gee-arr” lesson this morning. She learned all about the different parts of the guitar and how to pluck a string.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Here's a video of Abby coloring.

Get this video and more at
Happy Fourth! Scott took Abby to Whole Foods to pick up last minute dinner things, and I have the house to myself. A little quiet time with Madonna’s greatest hits is a treat.

Yesterday was Scott’s 27th birthday. He had to work so we celebrated in the evening. Since we’re having meat tonight, we had baked potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, steamed broccoli and carrots. For desert I made my tea soaked baked apples. Not exactly a gourmet home made dinner, but tonight’s dinner should make up for it. He got an iPod Nano from his parents, a Cuisinart from my mother, and I’m going to take him to the Apple store when the Nike shoe-iPod-jogging thing comes out that he wants.

Happy Fourth of July!