Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The fireworks were amazing last night. We watched them from the roof of Jill and Steve’s apartment building. Abby was fascinated by them and actually sat through all thirty minutes. Jill made awesome cupcakes and even vegan ones for Abby. Thank you!! Scott made an all American Fourth of July dinner of buffalo burgers, fries and fresh corn on the cob. It turned out to be a perfect cool night.

Potty ‘learning’ has been going surprisingly well these past few days. We still owe Abby a trip to Toys R Us to pick out a toy in celebration of using the potty consistently during the day. I also need to get waterproof undies and a tiny potty to use when we go out. Public restrooms scare me. I hate taking Abby into them and the thought of her having to sit on a dirty germy toilet is terrifying. I’d rather lug a little Baby Bjorn potty in a bag. On a side note, I hope we can use a cloth diaper service for the next child. Abby used them while we had free access to a washer and dryer. I liked them. Scott could never get them pinned right.

Pablo is out back again fiddling around in his shed. Marjorie and Pablo were going at it yesterday evening before we left. Some thing about he took her money and she can’t run his life anymore. It’s sad yet comical. I really should set a mike up out in the hall and record their arguments. They make me chuckle. I’m glad we can only hear them out in the hallway. Abby shouldn’t have to hear Marjorie and Pablo.

Here’s a picture of Abby’s first “gee-arr” lesson this morning. She learned all about the different parts of the guitar and how to pluck a string.

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Kami said...

One Step Ahead has these disposable potty seat covers. I am soooo glad I have a boy - if for no other reason, the public restrooms! EW!!! :)