Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Hotsling arrived today! I heard the mailman downstairs and I watched at the window to see if he had it and he did. I yelled out the window for him to leave it on the steps, I’d take it. The mail usually goes into Marjorie and Pablo’s door slot, and then they sort it and put ours on the table downstairs. I didn’t want to wait. Abby helped me open the package and she was just as excited as I was saying, “Sling! Sling!” We took it for a spin to the park this afternoon. The fabric has just the right amount of give to it and the padding on the leg rail only goes halfway around which I really like.

Abby and I met Vicky and her daughter Sophia this morning in the park for a performance by these weird mime/dancer guys. It was a bit over Abby’s head but she enjoyed the time with Sophia. We actually spent most of today at the park since the heat wasn’t too bad today.
I’ve got to a through cleaning of the house tonight. Tomorrow I’m watching Juda for Amy and Josh, and Friday night there’s an SGI meeting here. It’s mostly the dinning room that needs to be picked up. Everyone dumps his or her stuff on the table and then I have to sift through it every morning.

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