Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh Happy Birthday to me! This morning Abby and I got up, made the bed, picked up a bit, and then had the rest of Scott’s cereal. ☺ At 11am, Abby and I headed over to the pool for nice dip before lunch. The sky was blue and not a cloud was overhead! Plus all NYC public pools are free! For lunch we had avocado and pita bread. AMC came on at one and then we took a shower to wash the pool smell off. Abby’s taking a nap now and I just ordered an Ellaroo Maija wrap and a sage green cotton stretch Hotsling. Am I on cloud nine now?!

Tonight- Sushi at Nanatori! Scott has been working for two weeks straight and he’s actually getting off early tonight. We’ll be able to eat dinner together for the first time in days! I am just too excited about the new carriers! I hope they get here before The Babywearing Bonanza. What fun! ☺ Tonight there is a special on breastfeeding on 20/20. I hope it’s pro-breastfeeding. In celebration here’s a picture of Abby nursing!

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