Sunday, July 9, 2006

Scott and I watched the documentary “Why We Fight” the other night and it got us started on a dialogue about society and we ended up on parenting. Heavy endless topic, I know, but we came to a few conclusions about what we want in our house and our lives. Also this article by Judith L. Rubin moved us both to think about junk toys. Here’s the article:

Scott and I have decided that no more plastic toys will be allowed in the house. Preferably we want to buy fair trade fair wage toys made here in the US. I seriously believe that it’s not worth the social cost to buy some cheap plastic toy made in a third world country by little kids that get poisoned by fumes from the manufacturing so my kid can have that Barbie. Scott and I buy consciously when it comes to food, why not the things we buy for our child? We already have a no Disney or TV character policy. Although Sesame Street characters I’m pretty lenient about, but absolutely no TV. After our conversation I ended up weeding through Abby’s toys. A lady came to pick them up today for a single mom of three in need of help. Abby only plays with a handful of her toys and it felt good to get rid of the excess.

So keeping with our new rule of no more plastic toys, instead of going to Toys R Us we took Abby to The Scholastic Store to pick out her potty celebration toy. She got a wooden sushi kit. The sushi sticks together with Velcro and there’s a wooden chopping knife to cut the pieces apart. It even has sashimi pieces. Everything goes into a bento box complete with chopsticks, soy sauce dish, wasabi and ginger. Abby played with it for literally two hours last night just chopping sushi.

I ordered Chinese food for lunch today and it came with a free can of Coke. I drank half of it. I can’t even remember the last time I had a Coke. It’s been over six months. Hopefully the caffeine won’t keep me up tonight. I wanted Turkish, but they weren’t delivering today. Abby and I were in the mood for some dolmas. I don’t know what we’re going to make for dinner. I’m still full from lunch. Maybe we’ll just have fruit smoothies.

Mateo brought his car up with him from MD today. Scott and I are going to take a car grocery shopping for the first time in over a year! Only problem is we don’t have a car seat! Abby needs one up here for times like these. Now we can drive to Ikea instead of taking the Ikea shuttle. We need drinking glasses. Most people have a sock monster that steals socks. We have a cup monster. Where do they go? I’ve only broken one, so I guess Scott is breaking them and just not telling me or we genuinely lose glasses.

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Charlotte said...

Amy, That picture of Abby is too cute. Livy won't let us take a picture of her on the potty but maybe one day we can. Hope you have a great day!