Monday, July 17, 2006

This weekend was awesome! Thank you Alice for watching Abby while Scott and I went out to the movies. Adult time is always fun! Scott, Abby and I had a blast at the park with everyone Saturday morning.

July 24th is registration day for the second session of swimming lessons at the pool. I’m hoping it won’t be too crowded and Abby will be able to take a class. They’re free classes and you can’t beat free. The Sunset Park pool is my new favorite place. I swear the pool is the size of a city block. It’s the biggest pool I have ever seen. The locker room attendants like to assert their “authority”, but once you are outside the lifeguards are in charge and the atmosphere is relaxed. I wish there was a bit more shade. The sun can be killer, yet my SPF 50 sun block has kept my legs pearly white.

My carriers were shipped today. I can’t wait to try wrapping. I’ve used a wrap a few times before, but it wasn’t the correct size. It was way too big for me and the extra fabric was unbearable. The Hotsling will be perfect for trips where Abby wants to walk part of the time. I’ve got an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder that I use, but I hate all the padding. It makes me feel like a football player. Here’s a little plug for The Babywearing Bonanza- Carriers are truly addicting.

For dinner tonight, I’m making veggie-fried rice. I found this recipe for Couscous Sand Castles that I want to try this week for lunch. Here’s the link. The co-op has these dried mango slices that I can’t get enough of. My belly is full of mango!

Here’s another photo of Abby attacking me for bebees, and a photo from the last time we were in Baltimore.

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Granpa said...

Hi Scott, Amy & Abby,
I like this website a lot. It is really nice to be able to see how all of you are doing. Hope to see you soon! Granpa