Sunday, July 23, 2006

What an insane past two days! Abby and I have been super busy! Friday was jam-packed with a La Leche League meeting in Manhattan, then uptown for lunch with Scott, then a play date that ended in a downpour of rain, and then home for an SGI meeting. For the play date, Sarah and I tried to take the little ones to the Douglas-Degraw pool and on the way there it started to storm. Lightening was literally hitting the building next to us and the thunder was deafening as it reverberated off the buildings. We ducked for cover in this garage filled with really old cars. It turns out this man owns a few garages scattered around Park Slope and owns all the cars in them. He rents them out for movies and parades and such. A few of the cars in the garage we were in had been in a few movies. We saw the green car that was used in the B-52’s music video for “Love Shack”, and a truck that was in seven movies including “Pollock.” A very surreal experience.

On Saturday was the Babywearing Bonanza. There was an amazing turnout! We were able to help many mothers with their carriers and introduce new mothers to the world of babywearing. There were even a few vendors that came. I met the owners of Angelpack, Mei Tai Baby and By-My Side. Abby had way too much fun playing with the other kids, and she fell asleep before we even made it back to the subway. I can’t wait to start working on next year’s conference. It’s going to be huge!

After the Bonanza, Abby and I met with Scott and Mateo in Union Square for dinner. Mateo and Scott drove into Manhattan, so we shopped at Trader Joe’s. The only things I get at Trader Joe’s are frozen fruit and veggies. They have a bigger selection than the co-op when it comes to frozen goods. By the time we got home everyone was beyond tired and we all snuggled in bed early.

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Charlotte said...

Amy-Looks like you did have a busy weekend. We did but not as busy as yours. Hopefully next year we will be able to venture up to NYC to the conference and to visit with ya'll. We might even take a Choo-Choo as Livy calls it instead of a plane. Have a great day!