Thursday, August 31, 2006

Most everyone knows this already, but I can’t cook. Things will occasionally work out for me, but my troubles come when I attempt to follow a recipe. This is why I married Scott. The man can cook, and when he’s away on business I suffer. Our microwave is kaput and as a consequence we have no clock in the kitchen. Thank goodness I pulled the salmon out of the oven when I did. Abby and I had red grapes, a banana, and a plum with our slightly overcooked salmon for dinner last night. There’s frozen veggies in the fridge for tonight and a tub of hummus. I can’t mess up frozen veggies. We’ve eaten quite a bit of frozen peas this past week. Seriously, I can make kick-ass smoothies and veggie fried rice, but don’t expect gourmet when I cook.

I’ve got a bad box of garbage bags under my sink. It took four bags to successfully take out the garbage. My neighbors must have thought I was carrying out a dead body. There was the first bag that was originally in the trashcan. Next on top, I had the bag I tried to dump the first bag into. After those two bags breaking I had doubled up two bags and stuffed the first two bags into them. This I carried downstairs to the front with Abby on my back in the bright orange pineapple Mei Tai wearing white sport socks with my winter brown clogs, green cargo capris, blue long-sleeved shirt and lime green tank underneath. Very fashionable.

Walking through The Baltimore Aquarium, Scott and I realized how much Disney has permeated our children. We couldn’t go ten feet without some kid or parent yelling, “Look Nemo!” or “Look! It’s Dory!” Those poor fish must be sick of hearing that. Scott was getting annoyed and started outright mocking people. We came to an exhibit of an eel and he goes, “Nemo!!” A lady turns around and says to him totally humorless, “Nemo was a clown fish, not an eel.” Scott thanked her for the information while I did everything in my power not to laugh. Even the Aquarium has taken hold of the whole Nemo thing and has clown fish on announcement posters. Abby is only allowed TV when she’s too sick to play. It’s not that I’m anti-television. Scott and I watch our fair share when Abby’s asleep. Netflix is our downfall. It’s the marketers. The Aquarium and “Finding Nemo” is a great example. Kids see the movie, they get the Happy Meal, the clothes and shoes, the room d├ęcor, the toys and the list goes on and on. It’s all wasted money. Seriously how long does a squeaky noisy flashy toy hold the attention of a child? Where is the money going that you spent on all the Nemo stuff in the first place? Who are these companies that are exploiting our kids? Before I expose Abby to that world I want her armed with knowledge. I want her to be able to see a commercial and understand what it is trying to tell her and how it is doing that. I could go on forever. Check this out.

Today is the second day I was in labor with Abby exactly two years ago.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It’s wet and rainy again today. What a great day to contemplate. I’ve been feeling like making lists lately:
It feels chilly in the apartment even though the rear air conditioner is off.
It’s been two years today since I went into labor with Abby.
So Scott told me the other day that I am not what he would call a ‘sentimental person.’ I have to agree.
My husband will lose an umbrella in less than 24 hours- guaranteed.
I nurse my two year old on the subway.
I am conducting a test to see how long we can go without a microwave. Our microwave was the second victim in our house to die because of the heat wave. The first- our stereo.
My dining room table is wobbly.
I let Abby play with her food.
I draw ugly monkeys.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We are home. Abby and I are at least. Scott is in Illinois for corporate training as I write this. He’ll be home Thursday night.

I found a few realizations while back home:

1. The upper-middle class mothers that drive mini-vans in Fulton, Maryland are terrified of the Chicken Pox.

2. I cannot give in to dairy delights! Not ever!

3. Driving everywhere sucks.

4. There are a lot of ugly people in Baltimore, but that’s nothing new.

5. Don’t sit in the quiet car on the Acela express in business class with a two year old.

6. I’ve been spoiled by the food in New York City.

7. The lady that stands at the top of the escalator to the third floor of The Baltimore Aquarium saying “Tickets for the dolphin show?” is not scalping dolphin show tickets. She’s directing traffic to the show.

8. Yelling, “Look! There’s Nemo!!” to an electric eel at The Baltimore Aquarium will cause people to correct you. Nemo is a clown fish apparently.

9. Never open my sister’s car’s sunroof. It sticks.

10. Blueberry pie makes a great birthday cake.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Here's the article in The New York Daily News on chicken pox parties that we were interviewed for- click here!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

This is going to be a picture post for Scott’s benefit. Poor man home alone all week. Even Mateo is in Maryland. Scott will have some excitement tonight though! Paul is performing in NYC with his band, Pale Stars. All the guys are going to meet up after the concert for drinks and some fun. Here’s their link-

My mother took us to Great Sage for dinner last night. I love that place because Abby can order almost anything on the menu. We have to look out for nut dishes, but everything is vegan. Once Abby wakes up from her nap, Emily and I are going to head over to the library. Nothing much planned for today. Sunday some of the family is coming over for a late lunch type of thing. Monday Emily and I are going to Ikea. Just to walk around and maybe pick up a few new glasses for my mom.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I was lying in bed the other night watching the sunset through the open window waiting for Abby to go to sleep. The evening air was humid, cool and smelled of Maryland, home. It felt fresh after being in the city for so long. I do miss that earthy feeling. The silence can be deafening at night. I keep the ceiling fan on for the soft hum of the motor.

This morning Emily, Abby and I ran to Target to return a pack of undies that escaped my detection yesterday. Abby grabbed a pair of granny panties 10 sizes too big for me. She had put them in the cart and the undies mixed in with the stuff I was going to buy. Then we headed over to Howard Community College to pick up Emily’s textbooks for fall semester. My mother had made an appointment for me to get a massage today. Oh boy did it feel great. I highly recommend Serenity Spa and Relaxation Center off route 216. Totally awesome.

Tonight we are celebrating Keith’s birthday with dinner. Tomorrow I have no plans, maybe a trip to the park in the morning, and then a stroll around the mall in the afternoon.

Here is Abby watching Pop-pop eat crabs.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Please excuse the silly picture. I found it on my sister’s computer. It is from April. My hair is so short!

Mateo and I drove down to Maryland today. We left at 5am and arrived at my mother’s house around 8:30am. It was smooth sailing. Abby and I lounged about my mother’s for the day. Tomorrow we will go grocery shopping and then celebrate Keith’s birthday with dinner. Wednesday, Emily arrives home from Japan and we cannot wait too see all the photos from her climb of Mt Fuji. Sometime this week Abby and I will meet up with old friends and do a bit of swimming.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The chicken pox is at full strength in our house. The spots look almost ready to burst. They aren’t keeping Abby down. You would never know she had the pox if she didn’t look like she walked through a beehive. We had our pox party and a few moms showed up. Abby was very happy for the company. A reporter from The New York Daily News contacted us and sent a photographer over to cover the event. I was interviewed and we’ll be in the paper on Sunday or the Sunday after. The reporter is doing a feature on the comeback of chicken pox parties. Big news! Hopefully the article won’t bash the non-vaxing community and take a neutral ground on the issue of non-vaxing.

Abby is terrified of oatmeal baths. We tried a few different approaches to the oatmeal bath with her, but she was not having it. Calamine lotion was another fiasco. I tried to explain that it would help the itching. When that didn’t work I said we could paint her pink. No, again. Abby will let me put mama’s milk on the bumps. It seems to help the itching and the redness. Go breastmilk!

Today was package day! Abby got an early birthday present from her Opa, a wooden toy stove with food to chop and pots to cook in. It couldn’t have come at a better time. The poor thing has been inside since Monday. A bit later our new cell phones arrived. We finally made the big switch from Nextel over to Sprint. Now that Scott has a work-issued cell phone, we can have ‘normal’ cell phones.

Scott made his all-purpose Mediterranean tomato sauce this evening. We froze some and put the rest in jars for dinners later in the week. Of course we had animal shaped veggie pasta tonight. We checked out the new grocery store in Red Hook called Fairway, and the prices still can’t beat the co-op, yet they rival Whole Foods, but they had a few new organic/natural brands I have never seen before. The store was huge, and nice. I can see why people are leaving the co-op. The downside is it’s in Red Hook. There’s no subway stops there and bus service is limited. I think we’ll only go there if Mateo or Jill and Steve happen to be driving there and we can tag along. Nothing beats the co-op.

Abby drinking her rice milk straight from the carton.
I can’t type and listen to music at the same time. I keep stopping to dance. Peaches…

Monday, August 7, 2006

YES! We have the chicken pox! I never thought I’d be happy about a virus! Abby wasn’t vaccinated for the pox so we needed to catch it. Poor little thing is covered in spots. Abby and I are hosting a chicken pox party tomorrow to spread the love. All week we’re going to be taking oatmeal baths and calamine dips. This is Abby taking her nap this afternoon. See all the red bumps on her face?

Abby is on her way to be potty trained at night. She refuses to wear a diaper at home. I let her go to bed bottom-less and stack three prefold cloth diapers under her bum in case there is an accident. When I’m ready to go to bed I wake up Abby and take her to the potty with me, and once again very early in the morning. So far this has kept us all dry. The real test is going to be going to a public place for longer than two hours to see how she does. We have a two hour and thirty minute train ride back home to MD next week. I’m wondering if she’ll let me put a diaper on her. The bathroom on the train is gross and smells like pee. Plus the thought of trying to help a toddler pee in a toilet on a moving train is scary.

I wonder what we are going to have for dinner tonight. There are still leftovers from last night. Scott made homemade pesto with green beans, zucchini, and asparagus. I feel like making smoothies tonight.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

We went to Power Play today for Abby’s friend Leo’s second birthday. Abby had way too much fun there. Happy Birthday Leo! It’s a nice place to take the kids when it’s too hot or cold to be outside. It’s easy to get to by the bus, which is nice. The subway can get icky-hot in the summer. By the time we got home she was out like a light bulb. I laid down with her and read some before I fell asleep too. We both must have been super tired because we slept from 1:30pm until 5:45pm. A really long much needed nap.

This evening Scott and I took Abby to Barnes and Noble to browse and pick up a book for Scott. He got Of Mice and Men and The Virgin Suicides. I might read Of Mice and Men again after I finish A Midwife’s Tale. I also want to read Star Craving Mad, written by a fellow friend, mom and neighbor, Elise Miller. ( A little plug for Elise! ☺

Tomorrow Scott works at the co-op and he’s taking Abby to play in childcare. I’ll have the whole morning to myself. I think I’ll make a breakfast smoothie and sit in the sun and soak up the quiet-ness. Now I’m off to bed…
(Seeing how is being annoying and it's late, I'm not uploading a photo.)

Friday, August 4, 2006

I had my meeting yesterday and my crazy temps are normal. Wahoo! With our attachment parenting lifestyle, Aunt Flo just isn’t ready to make her appearance yet. My body knows there is still a little baby around and it’s not ready for another one. Go AP for natural birth control! We also talked about how the moon affects women’s cycles and I found that interesting.

Abby has been refusing to wear diapers at night. I don’t know if it’s the heat or she doesn’t want them. I was waiting for her to fall asleep and then sneaking them on her, but she was waking up in the middle of the night and taking them off. I ordered two pairs of Mother of Eden overnight undies. Scott and I are not impressed with the Gerber waterproof pants. I was using them with a cloth diaper insert overnight and for long subway rides, but her little bum gets so hot and sweaty. I know I’d be uncomfortable.

I’m going to clean and put the laundry away. Then head off to Target with Mateo to get a car seat for Abby.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

After two weeks of Abby skipping naps and a very bad trip to the zoo, I have decided to take action. Abby’s erratic sleep patterns were starting to wear on everybody. It’s not fun living with a grumpy two year old. I started Sunday night. We had dinner and the second Abby started acting cranky or loopy (sure signs of fatigue) we went to bed. It was 7:30pm when we crawled into bed after brushing teeth and reading a quiet book. Abby rolled around in bed and finally fell asleep at 9:20pm. She woke up the next morning in a much better mood around 8am. On Tuesday, for naptime I did the same thing. The first sign of her getting the tiniest bit tired we went to bed. She took a nap that day at 1pm. So far, this method has been working for us. I did have a bit of resistance today for naptime, but she did fall asleep at 1:20pm. It’s so nice having a happy well-rested toddler.

The heat wave has reached us and today it’s just too hot to do anything outside. Abby’s going to have a few friends over in a while, but otherwise we’ve been entertaining ourselves inside. I got rid of my old stereo, cleaned out the TV cabinet and put my DVDs back into alphabetical order by genre. My stereo has finally died after nine years of faithful service. Scott is excited about picking up the new stereo on Friday from B and H. He may be a bit too excited.

I have my meeting tomorrow at the Fertility Awareness Center. Jill is going to watch Abby in the morning for me. Thank you! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some help with my charts and figure out what is going on. They don’t make any sense to me at all. Tomorrow I’ll also order a few new pairs of organic undies and an overnight training pant for Abby. I think we’re ready for that next step in potty training- diaper free at night.

This was Abby at Ry's house yesterday playing his keyboard and singing.