Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The chicken pox is at full strength in our house. The spots look almost ready to burst. They aren’t keeping Abby down. You would never know she had the pox if she didn’t look like she walked through a beehive. We had our pox party and a few moms showed up. Abby was very happy for the company. A reporter from The New York Daily News contacted us and sent a photographer over to cover the event. I was interviewed and we’ll be in the paper on Sunday or the Sunday after. The reporter is doing a feature on the comeback of chicken pox parties. Big news! Hopefully the article won’t bash the non-vaxing community and take a neutral ground on the issue of non-vaxing.

Abby is terrified of oatmeal baths. We tried a few different approaches to the oatmeal bath with her, but she was not having it. Calamine lotion was another fiasco. I tried to explain that it would help the itching. When that didn’t work I said we could paint her pink. No, again. Abby will let me put mama’s milk on the bumps. It seems to help the itching and the redness. Go breastmilk!

Today was package day! Abby got an early birthday present from her Opa, a wooden toy stove with food to chop and pots to cook in. It couldn’t have come at a better time. The poor thing has been inside since Monday. A bit later our new cell phones arrived. We finally made the big switch from Nextel over to Sprint. Now that Scott has a work-issued cell phone, we can have ‘normal’ cell phones.

Scott made his all-purpose Mediterranean tomato sauce this evening. We froze some and put the rest in jars for dinners later in the week. Of course we had animal shaped veggie pasta tonight. We checked out the new grocery store in Red Hook called Fairway, and the prices still can’t beat the co-op, yet they rival Whole Foods, but they had a few new organic/natural brands I have never seen before. The store was huge, and nice. I can see why people are leaving the co-op. The downside is it’s in Red Hook. There’s no subway stops there and bus service is limited. I think we’ll only go there if Mateo or Jill and Steve happen to be driving there and we can tag along. Nothing beats the co-op.

Abby drinking her rice milk straight from the carton.
I can’t type and listen to music at the same time. I keep stopping to dance. Peaches…

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Charlotte said...

Aww...she looks so pittyful but I'm glad it's not bringing her down. Good For you on getting New Cell Phones! Their so much fun to play with. Hope she feels better soon though.