Thursday, August 17, 2006

I was lying in bed the other night watching the sunset through the open window waiting for Abby to go to sleep. The evening air was humid, cool and smelled of Maryland, home. It felt fresh after being in the city for so long. I do miss that earthy feeling. The silence can be deafening at night. I keep the ceiling fan on for the soft hum of the motor.

This morning Emily, Abby and I ran to Target to return a pack of undies that escaped my detection yesterday. Abby grabbed a pair of granny panties 10 sizes too big for me. She had put them in the cart and the undies mixed in with the stuff I was going to buy. Then we headed over to Howard Community College to pick up Emily’s textbooks for fall semester. My mother had made an appointment for me to get a massage today. Oh boy did it feel great. I highly recommend Serenity Spa and Relaxation Center off route 216. Totally awesome.

Tonight we are celebrating Keith’s birthday with dinner. Tomorrow I have no plans, maybe a trip to the park in the morning, and then a stroll around the mall in the afternoon.

Here is Abby watching Pop-pop eat crabs.

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Charlotte said...

Aren't you lucky have a massage! I wish my family or even my hubby do that for me. Ughh! Oh well. Looks like your having fun up there! Have a great weekend!