Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It’s wet and rainy again today. What a great day to contemplate. I’ve been feeling like making lists lately:
It feels chilly in the apartment even though the rear air conditioner is off.
It’s been two years today since I went into labor with Abby.
So Scott told me the other day that I am not what he would call a ‘sentimental person.’ I have to agree.
My husband will lose an umbrella in less than 24 hours- guaranteed.
I nurse my two year old on the subway.
I am conducting a test to see how long we can go without a microwave. Our microwave was the second victim in our house to die because of the heat wave. The first- our stereo.
My dining room table is wobbly.
I let Abby play with her food.
I draw ugly monkeys.

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