Thursday, August 31, 2006

Most everyone knows this already, but I can’t cook. Things will occasionally work out for me, but my troubles come when I attempt to follow a recipe. This is why I married Scott. The man can cook, and when he’s away on business I suffer. Our microwave is kaput and as a consequence we have no clock in the kitchen. Thank goodness I pulled the salmon out of the oven when I did. Abby and I had red grapes, a banana, and a plum with our slightly overcooked salmon for dinner last night. There’s frozen veggies in the fridge for tonight and a tub of hummus. I can’t mess up frozen veggies. We’ve eaten quite a bit of frozen peas this past week. Seriously, I can make kick-ass smoothies and veggie fried rice, but don’t expect gourmet when I cook.

I’ve got a bad box of garbage bags under my sink. It took four bags to successfully take out the garbage. My neighbors must have thought I was carrying out a dead body. There was the first bag that was originally in the trashcan. Next on top, I had the bag I tried to dump the first bag into. After those two bags breaking I had doubled up two bags and stuffed the first two bags into them. This I carried downstairs to the front with Abby on my back in the bright orange pineapple Mei Tai wearing white sport socks with my winter brown clogs, green cargo capris, blue long-sleeved shirt and lime green tank underneath. Very fashionable.

Walking through The Baltimore Aquarium, Scott and I realized how much Disney has permeated our children. We couldn’t go ten feet without some kid or parent yelling, “Look Nemo!” or “Look! It’s Dory!” Those poor fish must be sick of hearing that. Scott was getting annoyed and started outright mocking people. We came to an exhibit of an eel and he goes, “Nemo!!” A lady turns around and says to him totally humorless, “Nemo was a clown fish, not an eel.” Scott thanked her for the information while I did everything in my power not to laugh. Even the Aquarium has taken hold of the whole Nemo thing and has clown fish on announcement posters. Abby is only allowed TV when she’s too sick to play. It’s not that I’m anti-television. Scott and I watch our fair share when Abby’s asleep. Netflix is our downfall. It’s the marketers. The Aquarium and “Finding Nemo” is a great example. Kids see the movie, they get the Happy Meal, the clothes and shoes, the room décor, the toys and the list goes on and on. It’s all wasted money. Seriously how long does a squeaky noisy flashy toy hold the attention of a child? Where is the money going that you spent on all the Nemo stuff in the first place? Who are these companies that are exploiting our kids? Before I expose Abby to that world I want her armed with knowledge. I want her to be able to see a commercial and understand what it is trying to tell her and how it is doing that. I could go on forever. Check this out.

Today is the second day I was in labor with Abby exactly two years ago.

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Charlotte said...

It looks like Abby was having a good time in the car. What type of car seat is that? we are looking for a new one for Livy because height wise she's outgrown hers. Take care!