Saturday, August 19, 2006

This is going to be a picture post for Scott’s benefit. Poor man home alone all week. Even Mateo is in Maryland. Scott will have some excitement tonight though! Paul is performing in NYC with his band, Pale Stars. All the guys are going to meet up after the concert for drinks and some fun. Here’s their link-

My mother took us to Great Sage for dinner last night. I love that place because Abby can order almost anything on the menu. We have to look out for nut dishes, but everything is vegan. Once Abby wakes up from her nap, Emily and I are going to head over to the library. Nothing much planned for today. Sunday some of the family is coming over for a late lunch type of thing. Monday Emily and I are going to Ikea. Just to walk around and maybe pick up a few new glasses for my mom.

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Charlotte said...

Too Cute. I bet Scott is ready to see you and his Abby. Those pictures are just great.