Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We are home. Abby and I are at least. Scott is in Illinois for corporate training as I write this. He’ll be home Thursday night.

I found a few realizations while back home:

1. The upper-middle class mothers that drive mini-vans in Fulton, Maryland are terrified of the Chicken Pox.

2. I cannot give in to dairy delights! Not ever!

3. Driving everywhere sucks.

4. There are a lot of ugly people in Baltimore, but that’s nothing new.

5. Don’t sit in the quiet car on the Acela express in business class with a two year old.

6. I’ve been spoiled by the food in New York City.

7. The lady that stands at the top of the escalator to the third floor of The Baltimore Aquarium saying “Tickets for the dolphin show?” is not scalping dolphin show tickets. She’s directing traffic to the show.

8. Yelling, “Look! There’s Nemo!!” to an electric eel at The Baltimore Aquarium will cause people to correct you. Nemo is a clown fish apparently.

9. Never open my sister’s car’s sunroof. It sticks.

10. Blueberry pie makes a great birthday cake.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Looks like you had a good time in MD. The pictures are great! I bet your glad to be home though:) Have a good day!