Saturday, August 5, 2006

We went to Power Play today for Abby’s friend Leo’s second birthday. Abby had way too much fun there. Happy Birthday Leo! It’s a nice place to take the kids when it’s too hot or cold to be outside. It’s easy to get to by the bus, which is nice. The subway can get icky-hot in the summer. By the time we got home she was out like a light bulb. I laid down with her and read some before I fell asleep too. We both must have been super tired because we slept from 1:30pm until 5:45pm. A really long much needed nap.

This evening Scott and I took Abby to Barnes and Noble to browse and pick up a book for Scott. He got Of Mice and Men and The Virgin Suicides. I might read Of Mice and Men again after I finish A Midwife’s Tale. I also want to read Star Craving Mad, written by a fellow friend, mom and neighbor, Elise Miller. ( A little plug for Elise! ☺

Tomorrow Scott works at the co-op and he’s taking Abby to play in childcare. I’ll have the whole morning to myself. I think I’ll make a breakfast smoothie and sit in the sun and soak up the quiet-ness. Now I’m off to bed…
(Seeing how is being annoying and it's late, I'm not uploading a photo.)

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Charlotte said...

I agree with you on being annoying. Lately it's been a pain to upload pictures but that's alright. Hope you have a nice peaceful morning without Abby there. Have a great day!