Sunday, September 17, 2006

After weighing myself with two different bathroom scales, I am a bit surprised. Seems I weigh 105 pounds. I can never truly believe bathroom scales because how accurate are they? So taking into account that two different scales in two different houses said 105, I think I really do weigh 105 pounds. The last time I was weighed at a doctor’s office was a year ago and I weighed 109 pounds. That was half a year before my surgery and when I started to get seriously ill. This means I must have actually dropped to 100 pounds before my surgery. My mother was right. I was underweight then, but only by .5 on the body mass index scale. I have gained weight since my surgery. My smaller jeans fit the way they are supposed to now, and my hip bones aren’t so defined or razor sharp as Scott says.

Saturday we took Abby to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. What a blast! It takes forever to get there, but the trip was well worth it. I felt like an idiot for forgetting the camera. Abby enjoyed the “Totally Tots” room which is decked out with cars to ride in, a water table pond to play in, a “rock quarry” to climb and examine different rocks and fossils, a reading room, and a general play type area with blocks and doll houses. The “In the Neighborhood” permanent exhibit was awesome. There was a pretend pizza parlor with booths, a cash register with cash in it, soda fountain, pizza oven, and best of all felt pizza and felt veggies to make your own pizza! Abby got a kick out of the “Grandma’s Basement” which was under the stairs and Scott and I had to crawl to get into. There were tiny sofas, a train set and other toys. The greenhouse and outside garden is beautiful. Abby was able to examine snails in a tray and look at a huge frog up close. It’s a great indoor place when the weather’s bad. I wish we didn’t have to take a train and a bus to get there.

Today was the Fifth Avenue street fair. I’m glad we were out of the house most of the day. The music stage is always set up on our corner- 45th and 5th. It gets loud. Abby couldn’t take a nap today because of the noise. This street fair never has anything interesting. It’s mostly a chance for the stores to spread their crap onto the sidewalks, and for cheap carnival food vendors to make a buck. Thank goodness the noise ended at 6:30pm. I’ve had my fill of salsa and Latino music for the year. That’s the view of the stage from our front steps.

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