Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aunt Flo has returned after an almost three-year hiatus! What a relief! Tonight I should get a good night’s sleep. I feel renewed, a real woman again not just a nursing mom. Now I know why I was tired all week.

Abby and I went into Manhattan yesterday to have lunch with Scott. Since we had such a late start, Abby and I milled around Times Square and watched the tourists while we waited for Scott to get off work. Eventually we ended up playing Toys R Us and ran into a fellow babywearing friend. I checked out a possible space for next years Babywearing conference as well. We’ve got some serious fundraising ahead of us. Scott and I then trekked over to Whole Foods to pick up dinner from the bar and a few groceries. Nothing compares to the Whole Foods’ salad bar. Abby had her favorite veggies, plain pasta, and a few dolmas. Scott and I had a mix of things and dolmas as well. I love Mediterranean cooking! I think we may have to pick out a recipe from my Mediterranean cookbook for next week.

Feeling like a super-housewife, I watched the View to see how Rosie was. I’ll confess, I have watched two of the View this week. I hate the show, but I like Rosie. She needs her own show. Those other women annoy the crap out of me mostly because of their view of the war and 9/11. Talk about believing all the lies! I won’t be watching anymore.

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