Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Can you believe I used the dishwasher today? We have a super tiny, old machine that doesn’t clean well, but I had other things to do this morning than stand at the sink. I turned it on and instantly felt guilty for wasting all that water and electricity to wash my dishes. The old clunker sounds like it’s going to take off it’s so loud! Plus I was paranoid the thing was going to start leaking. My dishes are clean now, and Abby and I were able to finish cleaning the rest of the house.

We have officially joined the slow food movement. Scott and I have been doing fine with out a microwave, and have decided not to get another. It takes a bit of planning to get lunch ready and some patience in the morning while I wait for the oatmeal to boil, but there hasn’t been any inconvenience.

Scott leaves for a business trip to Baltimore tomorrow. Abby and I are staying home. He’ll be back Friday night, and I feel it’s too short of a stay to lug Abby down. I’ve got a babywearing meeting tomorrow, a La Leche League meeting on Friday, our Sunset Park Parents group on Saturday, and an ICAN meeting on Sunday. The rest of the week is packed with goodies.

On the menu tonight for dinner, we’ll be having fresh wild caught cod lightly breaded and baked with potatoes and whatever veggies Scott picks up from the farmer’s market and frozen fruit smoothies for desert. Let me see if I can dig up an old picture to post… Oh! A naked Picasso. Classic.

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Charlotte said...

That picture is just adorable! Love the Easel too...might have to get one for Livy for Xmas. Have a good day!