Thursday, September 14, 2006

Circle skirts, circle skirts! Abby has been asking for a “dance skirt” so I pulled out the sewing machine and left over fabric and ribbon. They were super easy to make. If I didn’t have Abby trying to help, I could piece them in twenty minutes. We’ve been twirling and gettin’ down all day.

It was a wet and rainy day and the babywearing meeting was held at the Brooklyn Yoga Center. Abby had too much fun playing with Sofia! She was out before 9:30pm tonight. This was my first meeting as an official NINO leader for Brooklyn. Now I have an excuse to add to my carrier stash! The meeting went great and we had a few new mamas that found the babywearing love.

Scott left after dinner for Baltimore. Abby and I wish him good luck with his business trip. Knock them dead and don’t reach for the water pitcher at an awkward moment! I have the hardest time sleeping when he’s gone. I’m going to read a bit and snuggle up under the covers with my baby girl for the rest of the night. We have an early LLL meeting in Manhattan tomorrow.

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