Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I always forget how tiring teething can be. Abby is getting in another set of molars. I assume these are the two-year molars. Teething has never been easy for Abby. What a crabby little person she has been!

Here’s to crazy landlords! We’ve been battling with our landlord since July. I’ve neglected writing about this issue because it’s infuriating and after this post it’s over with. The woman decided to pick on us AFTER we sign the new lease. All this mayhem because we had Mateo staying with us for a while and she decided to charge him $300 a month in rent on top of our rent. Mateo was supposed to be gone by August 31st and he ended up leaving the morning of the 1st. Crazy psycho downstairs wants to charge us Mateo’s full month’s rent- $300, for the EIGHT HOURS he spent here. We’re talking 12am to 8am people! She demanded that we give it to her on the first. Here’s the best part, she told us she wanted it at 3pm on the first! Scott was PISSED. He wrote a super-uber professional letter with a bite to it (very subtle, but effective) that she would get her money, but it was against his will and she had bullied him into a contract that is essentially illegal. Also when our lease is up, we’ll be moving. Today, her wheezing husband rings the doorbell and asks for Mateo’s key to the front door (another crazy story because the woman had lost her keys and the front door locks all had to be replaced). Pablo tells me that Marjorie will waive the fee if Scott calls back and APOLOGISES to Marjorie for being ARROGANT!! I wanted to die! Scott’s been nothing but cordial to this woman. Even when he was about to explode at her on the phone, he kept his temper in check and was polite. (I have to be honest the last time I spoke to the woman I gave it to her.) Pablo said, “You have to follow what your landlord and contract says.” They are constantly patronizing to us. Screw you.

See, I feel like we are being taken for our money. Funny how things in their apartment downstairs started to be replaced right after they received both rents. I have been renting apartments for seven years now. I have had lazy landlords, absentee landlords, rented from large rental companies, and I’ve had amazing landlords. But never have I met a woman as insane as this one. As Scott says, “There is a special place in hell for her.” I know my rights as a tenant, and it’s a shame we are not in a rent stabilized building (I’d have her ass in court on a silver platter). Bring on winter and if the heat drops below 68 degrees during the day like it did last year, I’m going straight to the authorities. No more trying to reason with a crazy woman.

Now I’m going to sit in the living room, have a glass of water and sit in my big chair and read “Mother Jones” magazine and think about another maddening subject- politics.

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