Sunday, September 24, 2006

It was raining yesterday, so we ended up at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. We got there just in time for an animal show, and Abby touched a turtle and a bearded dragon. When the snake came around she got a bit scared. Abby spent a good hour playing in the water pond. The smock made her look like a little scientist. Later Scott and I did some grocery shopping.

Today I cleaned and picked up, and afterwards headed to the park. Abby played with Sophia. It’s amazing how well they get along! I made a vegan apple pie this afternoon. It smells really good, but it’s for dessert! Scott’s preparing the sushi for tonight while he watches the football game. Abby has decided not to take a nap today.

These two-year molars are giving Abby the hardest time! They still haven’t broken through yet. I figure this is why her sleep has been irregular lately. I gave her some Hylinds Teething Tablets last night before bed, and she was able to fall asleep fast. Her poor nose starts to run whenever her teeth start to bother her. Her mood is all over the place. Scott and I have to remind ourselves that she’s uncomfortable and her crankiness won’t last forever. It makes me frustrated, especially when Abby starts screaming for bebes and I’m in the middle of something, like peeing!

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Charlotte said...

Hey! Looks like Abby had a good time at the museum!