Friday, September 15, 2006

It’s raining yet again, and there’s nothing to do. I’ve exhausted all avenues of entertainment. Abby and I tried to make the LLL meeting this morning and failed miserably. This day was just not meant to be. On a good note, Scott is on the train home. Though there is no food in the house for dinner. I guess we’ll order Turkish takeout. I feel so pathetic right now. Abby’s taking another late nap.

To make up for this boring day, Scott and I are going to take Abby to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum tomorrow. There she can run around, play and maybe discover something new. Our Sunset Park Parents picnic was pushed to Sunday because of the rain. Ugg rain.

Article. Here is an article to make you angry. Take the live survey to see the results and you’ll be even angrier. Our society is anti-family and anti-child, and yet we claim to be pro-family. It’s mind boggling, and the comment about “breeders” was just cruel.

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