Thursday, September 21, 2006

The nurse-in at Toys R Us was awesome! Everyone met out front of the Times Square store with babes in tow. We handed out leaflets explaining nursing mother’s rights, the benefits of breastfeeding and why we there. Before we left, the mothers sat down and nursed. When I told Abby it was bebe time, she was totally excited. There’s a picture of everyone nursing. The press was in abundance and once the articles are released, I’ll post the links. I was interviewed by the news and a radio show. The lady for the radio show asked where was the craziest place I’ve ever nursed. I told her at my husband’s office Christmas party. The Daily News was there taking photographs. It was great to see the support! Toys R Us had a few executives there collecting our leaflets to make sure we weren’t saying anything too negative about their company and to hand out counter letters about Toys R Us’ policy regarding nursing mothers. The blatant disregard of their own policy by their own employees was why we were there in the first place! One Toys R Us employee, I think she was a manager of some sort, kept pushing a cart of water and snacks to hand out to us in a see-we-do-support-mothers-even-when-you-boycott-us! kind of way. It’s the ignorance of the store employees. They can have a policy in place, but if the store employees are not made aware, then what’s the point? It’s a store specifically geared towards families, mothers most of all. It’s like the whole Victoria Secret thing. If you’re a store that deals with boobs all day, you’ve got to show some respect for the ones that lactate. Discrimination.

Afterwards, Abby and I went to the Hilton to set the date for the babywearing convention. It’s set for Sunday, January 21st 2007. I’ve got tons of work ahead of me. There’s fundraising, getting sponsors together, getting our accounts in order. I’m going to start tomorrow drawing up letters to send out to potential major sponsors.

Scott pulled Abby’s winter clothes down from the attic tonight. I need to go through and see what fits and what doesn’t. From the looks of things, most of the clothes may still fit. Yipee.

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