Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our group in the neighborhood will need a place to meet in winter, and I believe we have finally found a place. The great thing is it’s a day care center and there’s tons of toys and an outside play area with cars to ride in. The center is willing to let us use the space on Saturdays during the winter. Originally, we had tried to get a room in the Sunset Park Rec Center, but it seems we may have to scratch too many backs to get what we need. The day care center idea isn’t exactly free, but when you look at the price of “structured playgroups” that are offered in the city, this can’t be beat. Also, our group is for families to gather and socialize, so the children’s play is unstructured. I feel unstructured play allows the children to explore their surroundings fully and actually learn real social skills.

Abby and I met with friends this morning. Abby had tons of fun running around at a new playground. She wolfed down two bananas on the bus ride home and then passed out for a nap. When she wakes up, we’ll head over to the park and see who is out and about. The weather has been too perfect to stay inside. Tomorrow, we’re going to check out a mommy and me ballet class.

The mail has not been delivered to our house for a week now. Yesterday, I kept a watch out for the mailman. When he came by, I ran out to talk to him. It seems our cranky landlords put a hold on their mail when they went on vacation. It was nice of them to not put which apartment’s mail to put on hold. The mailman said he didn’t know there were two apartments in our row house! Today, we should get all of our mail. Marjorie and Pablo even put tape over the mail slot with no instructions as to where to put our mail. Thanks psychos.

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