Friday, September 29, 2006

What is it about the library that makes Abby poop? With in five minutes arriving at the library my little girl will poop. It never fails. Is it the hushed silence and smell of old books, or the academic atmosphere? Maybe the sight of old librarians gives her the need to empty her bowels. Whatever it is she never tells me until it is too late to make it to the potty. After two previous trips to the library, both of which ended in poopy pants, I thought I was being crafty by taking Abby on a day when she has pooped in the late morning. The poopy library curse is a strong one. We quietly picked out a few books and walked rather quickly back home. Upon reaching the house, I gave Abby a demo on how poop is cleaned from training pants. She had too much fun playing with the showerhead.

My next-door neighbor, whom I am jealous because of her two-story apartment decked out in Ikea furniture, has two rabbits. The woman lets them run all day long on the back deck, a beautifully big deck. The weird thing is the rabbits are the exact two types of rabbits that I have had. Those little guys spend all day eating the woman’s veggie and flower plants. I don’t think she has any more tomatoes left. This morning Abby and I caught a picture of the Dutch one nibbling on flowers.

I saw a woman today on my trek back from the library that honestly looked like a toad on peg legs. At first I thought it was a man, but then I noticed an outline of a bra through her shirt. She had these tiny feet connected to small ankles. Then, rather suddenly, her calves spread upward and out like her legs have been stuffed into little wooden shoes. She was literally waddling up the sidewalk with a bag of greasy food. When she turned around, I had to look away because I thought she might actually stick her tongue out to catch a fly. There was this huge ring of fat around her neck that her melting face sat on. Creepy.

The trains must be running different today. I’ve heard train whistles all day. I find the sound of trains mixed with the cool September air strangely comforting. Abby is taking a nap. She has about an hour left to sleep and when she wakes, we’ll head to the park until Scott gets home. Tonight is meat night, and we are having buffalo meat burgers.


Amy Donschikowski said...

Yeah, Riley had a thing about pooping in the quilt shop. Not just any quilt shop, but a particular one. And they were always nasty poops. And this always occured during my lazy days when I was pregnant with Avery and I never brought extra diapers or wipes. So, my sympathies.

Charlotte said...

I'm glad Livy's not the only one who does that too! It seems like she gets in deep concetration while reading that she tells me way after it's been done. Oh well...that's life.