Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last night was kind of a first for us. Abby saw a friend’s toddler bed and was highly interested in it. When we got home, I showed her that she has her own bed as well. Abby “helped” me move her toddler bed back into our bedroom against our bed. She made a point of telling me that this was “Abby’s bed” and the big bed was “Mommydaddy’s bed”. As her bedtime approached I did everything as usual and didn’t mention her bed. Abby starts to nurse and she’s three quarters asleep when she remembers her bed. “Abby’s bed! Abby’s bed!” I switch spots with Scott and put Abby in her bed. The toddler bed is right up against our bed and she’s within arm’s reach. After ten minutes of singing to herself she asks to nurse and for me to join her. Abby fell asleep in her own bed! She made the decision herself! Some time during the night she did crawl back up into bed with us to nurse. Abby asked me to get into her bed, but it’s really too tiny to get comfy. When she fell back asleep, I scooted her back in. Everything was going great until about six in the morning when she fell out of the toddler bed. It’s an Ikea crib that converts into a bed, so I need to see if Ikea has rails for it. Abby’s used to spreading out on our queen. We’ll see if this was a fluke or if it will become a regular thing. I do admit that it was hard to see her in her own bed. I kept waking up to make sure she was warm enough. I missed her little radiator body next to me.

This afternoon was the Halloween party for kids of Hilton employees. As you can see from the photos Abby was a green fairy with hiking boots. A few of the costumes scared her, but eventually she was dancing along with them. The food was great of course. The deserts were even better. It was a nice spread of fruit tarts, cupcakes, and little chocolate sweets the hotel makes. All the kids got toys for their costumes. Abby received a little Care Bear that speaks, which Scott and I promptly removed the sound box. Now it has a secret storage compartment. She also got a Disney music box that you put in a cartridge and it plays a song. It came without batteries, thank god, so Abby thinks it’s a camera. The first photo is before we left the house for the party, the second is Abby dancing, and the third is Abby past out after the party.

The other afternoon, Abby and I were playing with her chalk and easel. I spelled out her name saying it very slowly as I wrote it. Abby was extremely interested and asked me to repeat “drawing” her name. We did this for about a half hour. She now can read her full name, Abby Takemoto. I’m truly amazed by her! She also knows, ‘Mommy’, ‘Daddy’ and ‘bunny’. The girl doesn’t even know her ‘ABCs’! All day yesterday Abby kept asking Scott and I to ‘draw’ names. Maybe I’ll sit her down with some easy books and show her the words. Amazing! Amazing!


Amy Donschikowski said...

That is totally cool that Abby slept in her own bed. I've been asking Rudi for six months to put Emily's old bed together, but nothing yet. Yeah, your bed must have felt awful lonely! And roomy.

Charlotte said...

Aww..look at her costume. It's adorable. We're going to the Trunk or Treat tomorrow night and I'll send you pic's of Livy in her fairy costume. Her's is a little different though. About the bed, go Abby! Livy's been sleeping in her own bed now for at least over a year and it's so nice too! she's already for a big girl bed now!