Thursday, October 26, 2006

My cloth diapers from Cotton Babies arrived today. Abby and I headed out to the Laundromat to get them ready for their first use, and do to what clothes we had in the hamper. I was a bit scared of how stiff they felt, but after a few washes and rounds in the dryer, they are perfect. Now we have a good stash of diapers and covers. This time cloth diapering seems so much easier than the last time I did it. Maybe because there isn’t as much poop involved. On the way home, Abby was too tired to walk. I knew I should have taken a carrier, but I thought she’d be fine walking there and back. A basket full of laundry, a bottle of Tide Free, and a 27-pound toddler are not fun to carry one short and two long blocks. Abby passed out almost as soon as I got in the door.

Speaking of poop, Abby has used the potty to poop three times in a row! We may be on to good things here. Every time she sits down to poop, I have to read her The Little Rabbit book, not once, but twice and then she’s done.

I felt like today was a kind of Montessori day. Abby and I woke up and she helped me make the bed. We had breakfast and got ready for the day. I picked up, while Abby went behind me and undid every thing I had done. Then we made music with her percussion kit and sang songs and finger-plays. Before lunch, I checked my mail while Abby drew on her easel. Abby made her own sandwich of hummus, avocado, tomatoes and a smidgeon of homemade tomato pesto on whole wheat bread. Mine was extra spicy with left over tomato pesto, fresh jalapeƱos, chives, avocado, and tomatoes. It sounds weird, but it’s very delicious. After lunch, we played with beads. I gave Abby several sized bowls for her to sort the beads into, but she spent about a half hour dumping the beads from one bowl to the other. She felt like perfecting her pouring skills. It gave me time to finish some work on the computer. About this time the diapers arrived by UPS.

Good god our landlord is so loud downstairs when she delivers the mail! I nearly jumped a foot when she opened her door to the downstairs hallway. Then THUD she slams down our mail. Next she slams her door closed again. I wish I could put a microphone in their house to tape the arguments these people have! Seems the other day Pablo stood Marjorie up somewhere and she was embarrassed by his absence. Marjorie was yelling at Pablo about how inconsiderate he was and how she felt. Pablo proceeded to yell, and I quote, “SHUT UP RETARD!” over and over while she spoke.

It’s windy and cold outside and it’s the perfect evening for super hot homemade ramen and sushi. I can’t wait.

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