Monday, October 9, 2006

My quest to find construction paper failed completely today. I had planned on doing fall crafts this afternoon. Abby and I were going to make a few pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween. The bathroom at Target was closed, and Abby had to pee. We ran across to Houlihan’s and waited for the Hostess to seat people to sneak back to the bathroom. On our way out, we were in luck again because the Hostess had her back turned. Abby and I exchanged high-fives for our deftness. Of course Target had no construction paper, glue, or safety scissors. The Target at Atlantic and Pacific Avenue bites. When Abby wakes up from her nap, I may walk down 5th Avenue and see what I can find craft-wise. Otherwise we’ll play at the park the rest of the day.

I have been trying to incorporate more art projects into our daily routine. Abby will only sit and draw for a few minutes and then move onto something else. I feel if we had an objective to work towards, like to decorate a pumpkin, maybe art will hold her interest more. Or maybe she’ll turn out to be this super science-oriented person, a complete opposite of her parents.

In keeping with my yearly traditions since college, I have, yet again, a sore throat. I get it at the same time every year. It’s been this way since my sophomore year at UMBC. No one else in the house gets sick, and all I can do is pop Ricolas. Here’s to having a deep scratchy voice for a week!

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