Monday, October 30, 2006

So Abby has been sleeping in her bed on and off during the nights. It’s a bit of a surreal experience. She looks much older curled up in her bed. Now I have the daunting task of trying to figure out how to dress her for the night. I’ve opted for socks and long johns for now. This way she’s in layers and can peel off a layer when she climbs into bed with us. Because the opening topic of this post was sleep, I found a photo of Abby sleeping with a Mother Jones magazine bag at my mother’s house.

The city contacted Marjorie this morning. She sent up Pablo to ask if I had bled the radiators. I did bleed the damn things every morning since they turned the heat on. Pablo huffs and puffs his crippled body up our stairs to “bleed them properly”. After an hour of Pablo banging and using diaper pins on the radiators, it seems that the boiler is not working. Pablo said, “We’ve been toasty downstairs and I thought you guys were just complaining for more heat.” No buddy boy, we had no heat to start with! Marjorie told Scott the next time he needs to say we weren’t getting any heat, not to turn the heat up. What I would have said was, “If some one kept calling you everyday complaining that it was below 68 degrees and to turn the heat up, wouldn’t you think there was a problem with the heat?!” It’s Marjorie’s way of placing the blame on someone else. Good god! In Pablo’s words, “SHUT UP RETARD!” At least the city did their job in a timely manner and now she knows the law. Hopefully.

Tomorrow we have our neighborhood Halloween party. Should be a nice kiddy blast! Also, Salsa Babies is going to do a twenty-minute demo at the bonanza and raffle away a gift certificate for an eight-week class, a $120 value. Just another reason to attend the 2nd Annual NYC Babywearing Bonanza.

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