Monday, October 23, 2006

Sunday evening Abby and I had a remarkable time playing. Abby has discovered the world of make-believe. It’s amazing to watch her play now. All of a sudden a sushi mat becomes a fish or the rug becomes a pool for swimming or a box becomes a bus. Also, she’s found a love for finger plays. I’ve been singing “Gung Gung Goes the Little Green Frog” for three days straight now.

We had a poop success tonight. For two days, I kept Abby pant-less and put her diaper on after she fell asleep for the night. She held on to that poop for as long as she could, and finally went in the potty. I made sure to keep reassuring her that pooping in the potty was a good thing. Abby is one of those kids that don’t like to see her poop leave her body. She asked repeatedly where her poop went after we flushed it. A full discussion on where toilet water and excrement goes exactly ensued. How do you explain the workings of city sanitation and plumbing to a two year old? I told her the poop was going to travel down the potty and eventually become earth.

The cloth diapers have been working great at night and for long trips. Abby knows to use the potty, and I believe now it’s a matter of she’s not quite physically ready. We’re almost there. I give her another few months and we should be totally diaper free. I am anxiously awaiting my order from Cotton Babies. Though thanks to a friend I now have a good stash of Bummis Super Whisper wraps and a few more prefolds to get me through the week until my order arrives.

Why do people give food to kids without asking the parents first? Abby was handed a chocolate chip cookie loaded with bad stuff today. First, there’s the milk allergy thing. I had to deal with a total breakout of eczema all day. Second, which is more annoying than eczema, is the hyper-activity from the artificial ingredients in the cookies. Junk food does not bode well in my daughter’s body. She was off the wall all afternoon and didn’t nap until 6pm. That really screwed my night. Anyways she’s asleep for the night now, and we’re seeing the allergist tomorrow for a scratch test. Wahoo.

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Charlotte said...

Gotta Love the bath pictures. Their absolutely timeless!