Wednesday, October 4, 2006

This morning Abby woke up kind of late, and I was able to get what few dishes were in the sink done and finish the registration packet for the convention. Now that the packet is done I can start recruiting companies. In the morning Abby and I went to the park for a play date. We came home had lunch and took off again for a babywearing meeting in Manhattan. This evening we had a few friends over for the premiere of Lost. I’m tired right now, but there’s a thunderstorm tonight. The cool air is pushing in. It’s late and I should get to bed, but the air feels nice and fresh.

The issue of school was brought up in our neighborhood parents group. Where to send our kids, what others are doing with their kids, and it got me thinking, yet again, about where Abby is going to go to school. We have several options. Public school, which scares me. Private school, too expensive and a pain in the butt to enroll. Homeschooling, a major contender in our thoughts. Alternative learning schools, another main option for us. Scott and I both agree with unschooling, Waldorf theories, and Montessori. I guess it’s going to come down to what feels like the better fit. Scott would like to see more structure to Abby’s learning. I honestly have no idea what we’re going to do. It’s all so confusing right now. There’s a Montessori school in Bay Ridge that accepts 2 to 5 year olds. I might go check it out later in the month for the next school year or maybe the summer program. Abby may enjoy going twice a week for half days.

I’m going to go crawl into bed between Scott and Abby and read a bit while I listen to the rain hit the street outside and the occasional bus drive by. Everyone needs to bug Scott to start a blog. The man has the funniest things happen to him at work and it needs to be documented.

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Charlotte said...

Yeah I agree with you on the unschooling but there's nothing like that here in unless we want to drive up to an hour to get to one. oh well...Tell Scott he needs to start a blog. I am going to post on my blog what happened at my mom's school that had everyone laughing and still has them laughing. Well gotta run. Have a good day!