Saturday, October 7, 2006

This morning Scott decided to take Abby to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum for the “Falling into Fall” workshop. I spent the time picking up and cleaning. I put all of Abby’s wooden blocks and beads into an Ikea storage bin with wheels, and put her wooden train set in a bin as well. Every thing has it’s own place now, and Abby can see all her toys in front of her. I still need to scrub the bathroom and kitchen.

I downloaded a few Waldorf puppet fairy tales the other day. They’re supposed to be for three to four year olds, but Abby has fallen in love with “The Greedy Cat”. It’s a simple story about a hungry cat that eats the people and animals he meets and at the end a goat with golden horns saves the people. I use a baby towel with two knots as ears, so when the cat eats someone I can hold the person in my hand. Usually by the end of the story, Abby says the cat’s line along with me and hands me more things for the cat to eat. Every day I’m amazed at how fast Abby’s language skills are improving. She occasionally will repeat the harsh sound at the ends of words like “hat”. So “hat” will sound like “hat-t-t”. Maybe she’ll outgrow it, but I’ve got my eye on it.

Next weekend is the Washington DC Green Festival. I’m excited to be taking the train down with Steve and Jill. We’ve got a nice size group attending the festival. Even Scott is coming down for the weekend. I’m staying at my mom’s a few extra days. It should be a fun weekend, and I’m looking forward to the break from the city.

The information packet is finished for the Babywearing Bonanza 2007 (BWB 2007). We’ve been contacting companies and spreading the word. This convention has kept me busy lately and it feels good to be working!

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