Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Trying to get Abby to bed last night was not fun. We started our routine about 8:45pm. Abby was in bed by 9:15pm. She was in and out of bed asking to use the potty. It seemed like she needed to work something out. I gave up trying to nurse and rock her to sleep and let her wonder into the side room. Abby took out a few blank index cards and pencils from the black office cabinet, sat on the floor and drew for about twenty minutes. Then she asked to nurse in bed and fell asleep. At least she woke up at her normal time this morning.

I found a teacher’s supply store in Brooklyn Heights. The place was super cheap and I was able to get everything I needed for six dollars. Tomorrow Abby and I are going to make paper pumpkins and take a trip to the library in the morning.

On Sunday I was making corn bread and I happened to look out the back window that overlooks our neighbor’s deck. I was absolutely shocked. The deck had been decorated with a red carpet and big throw pillows. Red chiffon was draped over ropes suspended across the deck. There in the middle was a woman I have never seen before in quite a compromising position. She was laying down with headphones on in a sundress with no underwear on doing something that’s done better in the privacy of one’s bedroom. I called Scott over and upon closer inspection we noticed that the lady that lives there was seated on a bench near the back door to her apartment. Many theories were discussed between Scott and I as to what was going on. Then the woman that lives there stood up and we noticed she had a 16mm film camera. I assume she was making some kind of film noir. The way she had the set designed it looked totally clich├ęd and pretentious. But it’s not every day I look out my kitchen window and see a panty-less woman in a sundress sprawled out feeling herself up.

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elise said...

holy shit! you'll be telling this story for the rest of your life!!