Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What is it about allergists? Every allergist office I have ever been to is a complete mess and the wait is horrible. Abby’s eczema is still as bad as ever. Scott and I skipped the scratch test last March and now I wish we had done it. Abby’s allergist office help lost her file and we ended up waiting for over an hour to see the doctor only to find out we have to start all over again. Once more Abby will have to give blood. At least this test will be more specific than the first. They’ll be testing for egg whites verses the whole egg, and finally testing for soy. Some times I think if Abby was born naturally with out drugs and never given vaccines, she wouldn’t have food allergies. My whole late afternoon was spent in the allergist’s waiting room.

Today we gained a new kitchen appliance and lost one. We have acquired a pasta maker, something Scott has wanted for a long time. Maybe this weekend we will have totally homemade spaghetti. While Scott was making an amazing Provincial veggie soup with tomato pesto, Abby was “washing” the dishes. My carafe was dropped and shattered all over the kitchen floor. No more coffee maker. We only used it to make tea anyways.

Our landlords are back from their month-long vacation and I wish they would go back on vacation. They have done nothing but argue since they returned. Now that the computer is in the side room I can hear everything they say clearly when the door to the hallway is open. I’m sure they can hear what we say as well, at least Pablo can. Marjorie is half blind and deaf. The woman can’t see an elephant standing right in front of her face and wears the biggest hearing aids ever. The other day Marjorie hit her head and all we heard up here was this moaning that sounded like a cow. Then we heard Pablo yelling at Marjorie to shut up and Marjorie complaining she hit her head and he should have some compassion. They both need to shut up.

So I was chewed out today by the woman from a certain paper goods website company. Supposedly, she didn’t like the fax I sent her regarding the babywearing convention. She went on and on about how I was irresponsible and wasteful for faxing the letter to her. Funny how she said I was wasteful with paper when she deals in paper goods. I don’t mind being yelled at, but what I hate more than anything is when I don’t get to respond. The woman hung up on me before I could get a peep out. She said I should have emailed her the info. Well here’s my response to the crazy woman: (Oh and for the record, this company has been known to be difficult to work with.) I apologize that you were having a bad morning and felt the need to vent to an anonymous person. We have sent over 50+ emails with our info packet included to companies. I had fax numbers for a handful of companies that I didn’t have email addresses for. Only five out of the 50+ companies that were contacted were faxed info packets. I don’t see that as wasting paper. We are not trying to take your money or annoy you. We are trying to help you gain recognition and make sales by inviting you to the convention. If you don’t want to receive faxes and “waste” paper, then turn your fax machine off. It’s business, it’s not personal.

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Charlotte said...

The allergies are something that is in the genes of the child. Unfortunately we can't do anything about it. I know what it's like though to have the allergies and she'll eventually grown out of most of them. I know I have. :) Good luck with her allergies though!