Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wow. I am really slacking this month. I seem to average about 13 updates a month and here we are towards the end of the month and this is my fifth update. I’m sorry guys. I’ll have to step it up a bit.

What a trip home. The DC Green Festival rocked. Scott and I loaded up on swag and free food samples. Scott was able to speak to a few universities that offer MBAs in sustainability and I was able to do a bit of networking for the babywearing convention. Abby had a blast in the green kid’s zone. Even the food was good. We’ll be coming down again next year.

I couldn’t resist buying a bag of cloth diapers for $20 at the festival. It came with three Chinese prefolds and a Bummis wrap and diaper bag. These prefolds are the best I have ever used. They quilted up so beautifully in the wash and contained toddler poop so nicely. Abby goes back and forth with using a potty in public. Sometimes she’ll go with out any problems and other times, well, diapers are nice. Yet at home Abby never has an accident. I think she needs a few more months before her bladder and mind converge on the same wavelength. Abby cannot make it through the night unless I wake her up to use the potty. I am seriously considering buying about a dozen of those Chinese prefolds and two more Bummis wraps for nighttime and long trips out. At least with cloth diapers Abby knows when she’s peed. Then I get Mothering Magazine and there’s this article on disposables and cloth diapers. I’ve made up my mind. Washing machine or no washing machine we are switching to cloth for the remainder of Abby’s diapering days. It will be a nice throwback to the short period we used cloth diapers. Seriously, these diaper covers and diapers rock butt!

My mother and I took Abby to the farm that has bought all the Enchanted Forest stuff (for lack of a better term). It’s like revisiting my childhood. Abby enjoyed the hayride and the farm animals. My mother and I reminisced about trips to the Enchanted Forest when it was in its glory. The Enchanted Forest was this place on route 40 where the Clark family built this fairy-tale amusement park. I think thousands of kids growing up in the Columbia area had their birthday parties there. The place always has a way of creeping up on me. I remember my fifth birthday there and then driving to West Virginia for vacation with all my presents pilled in front of me and my sister was just a tiny baby in her car seat. By the time I was in high school, the Enchanted Forest had closed and a shopping mall was built around it. I shopped at the Petco. In college, I broke into the Enchanted Forest with a few friends in the middle of the night and was scared beyond belief that we were going to get caught and go to jail. Later in a film class, my professor listed the Enchanted Forest as “off limits” for filming. Too many previous students had broken in to film there. I didn’t know so many people knew about it. Here I am with my two-year-old daughter exploring the same “Three Little Bear’s House” only in a new location.

I had this amazing 90-minute massage at Serenity. Thank you mom! The woman made me feel like a chicken being prepared for dinner. Oh it felt so wonderful. My shoulders feel great.

Alright. Off to bed to snuggle with Scott and Abby.


Charlotte said...

OMG Amy! I remember the Enchanted Forest. I was wondering what ever happened to it now I know. Looks like you had a good time there though at the farm! I'll have to check out the articles though and see what's different about the diapers and cloth. TTYL

elise said...

hey thanks amy for linking my blog! will do the same for you. see you manana perchance?