Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving was a blast. The turkey was awesome, the sides were amazing and the desserts were phenomenal. I also gained about five pounds. Abby enjoyed the time spent with Scott’s parents and his siblings. If we could put Uncle Nic and Aunt Cassie in a box and take them home, I am sure she would try.

Abby and I are staying at my mom’s house until December 3rd. My baby half sister is turning one, and I wanted to be here for the party. There are no sidewalks were my mother lives, and it has been an adventure trying to find a place to jog. I quickly made it up the street, jumping into the grass whenever a speeding car came by, and down to the new housing development where there are no cars. My stopwatch seems to have disappeared between my in-law’s place and my mother’s. I need it to keep track of my walking/jogging rotations, but I sucked it up and jogged the whole twenty minutes. This is going to sound lame, but I have never run twenty straight minutes before. On the way home, I thought, I can’t believe how good I feel. Now that I have new running shoes, my legs have felt great after runs. Big thanks to Chris! I love the running shoes!

Speaking of shoes, I also got a pair of Keens. I love these too. I love shoes not high heels or high fashion shoes, but techie shoes. Running shoes with special shock absorbing soles and newly discovered lightweight materials. My favorite types of shoe are hiking boots. All the different grips and waterproof fabric is enough to start me drooling. If I had a disposable income, my closet would be filled with hiking boots.

Tonight we are having dinner at the Great Sage and then heading over to the Symphony of Lights, the greatest waste of electricity ever but it’s for a good cause- the maternal/child ward at the General Hospital.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yeah. I was the idiot who forgot the camera. I did remember to pack “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” to watch Thanksgiving evening. On the Acela, Abby did great. She munched on a bagel barefoot and played with any and all available buttons and window curtains the entire two and a half hours. The seats across the aisle from us were loose and sitting diagonally from the window. Abby goes to sit on the seats and Scott follows. I’m minding my own business looking at the trees as they pass and I happen to look over the aisle to Scott and Abby. Scott had totally rotated the seats so they faced the window. I mean all I saw were the BACKS of the seats. I was mortified. Kudos to Scott who knows how to embarrass me like no one else! As I was trying to burry myself under my coat, Scott says to Abby “Let’s check on mommy.” He rotates the chairs to face me. I was dying of both laughter and humiliation. Abby then goes, “I want window!” Scott complies and rotates the seats back to face the window. He did leave the seats the way they were supposed to be situated- facing forward.

We needed a few items and braved the crazed Baltimore granola-hippy scene at Whole Foods. Dinner should be great tomorrow, and I’m counting down the minutes until I get to eat the vegan pumpkin pie and the vegan apple pie. I am committing myself to a twenty minute jog in the morning before the Thanksgiving hoopla begins. Scott’s brother and his partner are having T-day elsewhere and they will be missed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Everything has been settled with the hotel for the babywearing convention. We’re still waiting for a few more vendors to sign on, but we’re nearly there! Scott has yet to decide what he wants to do career-wise. He has two options and he’s holding out on one to see what develops. I hate being in limbo.

Yet again Abby and I spent a tortuous hour in a hot waiting room to see the allergist. The best part is that the doctor couldn’t perform the scratch test! Oh the insanity of it all! Abby still has a bit of a cough, and the doctor wanted to wait until it was gone. So we’ll be waiting until December 6th for the scratch test. If I could switch doctors without a bunch of hoopla I would.

Scott brought home a laptop from work. A client needed a laptop and Scott’s company rents them by the month to the different properties. He takes it back and forth to work in a satchel. I think it makes him feel important. Almost every night he’s been playing War Craft and Star Craft on it. I can’t wait for the laptop to return. It’s PC germs are infecting my Mac workspace.

Tomorrow morning we head off to Maryland on the Acela. I’m sure all the business people are going to love having a two year old in business class. Let the fun begin!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Scott’s company is getting the boot by the hotel. The hotel wants to use an in-house guy. Scott needs to move his stuff out by December 18th. In the grand scheme of things, this happens all the time. It’s business. What this means for Scott is he’ll get placed somewhere else. We are anxiously awaiting where that somewhere else is. I’ve decided to do what I did when we were in Baltimore right before we found out we’d be moving here, sit back and see what happens. I’m now a bit worried about the babywearing convention. With Scott not working in the hotel, we’re going to have to pay for AV. I’m starting to worry a bit.

Lately Abby has been calling me by my first name. It’s weird and my name sounds funny coming out of her mouth. I don’t like it. When she calls me Amy, I gently remind her my name is mommy to her. We’ve had discussions about how daddy can call me Amy, but she’s to call me mommy. Abby doesn’t do it all that much anymore. Usually I’ll get an Amy, when she’s asking me for something. I wonder if she got it from Scott?

Tomorrow is Abby’s allergy skin testing. She still has a nasty cough that makes an appearance every so often, but I want her to get this done before we leave for Maryland. Speaking of Maryland, I would love to get together with the mama’s back in Baltimore. Maybe a walk around Lake Montebello or on the path that runs along the sports fields off of Harford road? Or even tea and pastries at the Red Canoe. Ahh the Red Canoe. It’s supposed to be a children’s bookstore and café, but it’s more of an adult café with this charming bookstore that happens to be just kid’s books but please don’t bring your child near any of the books and we don’t have highchairs so you can sit and drink your hot beverage without spilling it on you or your child, plus there’s no changing tables in the rest room so why even bring your kid? Scott and the owner have this competition to see who can get the last word in before we leave.

I had to perform minor surgery on my iBook today. Abby somehow got the 'v' key dislodged. Thank goodness I got it fixed using my etching tool from printmaking. I knew there was a reason why I took that horrible class.

Here’s a few photos of Abby with her first ever pony tail that lasted about five minutes.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shower curtains. Ugg. I thought it would be so easy. We went to Target yesterday and picked out a blue fabric curtain. After taking the old curtain down and the new one up, I realized the new one is two inches too short. Curses to our odd sized shower hole! This morning I trekked back to Target, only to once again, purchase a shower curtain an inch too short. I give up. Scott put the old one back and we decided we’d wait to go shopping for a new one when we get to Maryland. Then I can drive all over Baltimore looking for a curtain instead of schlepping on the subway.

Though Scott stayed home with Abby this morning while I had my unsuccessful trip to Target, and I rode the subway with his iPod for the first time. What an experience. I wanted to start filming. I haven’t had that feeling in a while. There was this older Korean man with grey and lime green sneakers reading a newspaper on the train. At the 36th street stop a young very tall woman gets on the train. She had the same exact sneakers. The two of them sat next to each other reading. The whole scene went nicely with “Love of the Loveless” by Eels. My uncle is sending us an old Hi-8 video camera and I kind of have an itch to start filming again. Not a story piece, I feel more of an experimental piece is in the making. Crazy. I’m not even that big of a fan of experimental film.

Pablo seems to have bought a new car. It’s a silver Dodge Nitro. He bought it after telling me a story about his old Dodge Caravan with the scary grey cargo box on top. Scott and I used to joke that Pablo and Marjorie had victims stuffed in there waiting to be eaten. Anyways, I’m outside with Abby waiting for a friend to show and Pablo starts to talk to me about 9/11. On September 9th he parked his car in the morning a few blocks from the World Trade Center. Upon returning to where he had parked, his car was nowhere to be found. He reported his car stolen to the police. Why would anyone in his or her right mind want to steal an old beat up Dodge Caravan? Though September 10th the police called and said the car had been towed a few blocks because of a movie being filmed. This put his car closer to the World Trade Center. On the morning of September 11th, Pablo went to pick his van up. He saw the planes crash. Pablo said he drove home and watched the towers the rest of the day from the roof of the house. He told me he wouldn’t sell the van until it dies completely. Then a few weeks later he’s selling the damn thing and it still works fine. Marjorie and Pablo have been fighting like cats and dogs over how to sell the van and how much it’s actually worth. It’s a Dodge Caravan. Who cares!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The house is totally a mess today. What happened? Scott took Abby grocery shopping and I got the laundry done. I do not feel like cleaning today. My shoulder is in a huge knot from sleeping funny last night and it’s cloudy outside. Today is going to be like pulling teeth. Maybe I’ll go to Target and get a new shower curtain. Will that make me feel better? It’s also 2pm and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Where’s Scott with the food?

Scott experienced his first “I should have taken the diaper bag” experience. Abby had yet to poop before he left the house for the store this morning. I put a cloth diaper on her and knowing she hadn’t pooped yet, I gave her an angel wing fold. Sure enough on the train going over the Manhattan Bridge into the city, Abby poops a huge one. Scott had nothing. When he got to Whole Foods he asked for a bag and cleaned Abby up as best as he could. Poor little thing is going commando. Scott said he got poop everywhere when he tried to take her diaper off. He knows how to put the cloth diapers on and off and how to wash them, but whenever there’s poop involved he freaks out. Though this is the longest Abby has gone without pooping in a diaper. For two weeks she has been using the potty. She was on the train and when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I’m going to lay down and read and wait for Scott and Abby to come home and hope that they got something good to eat.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Abby’s cold has diminished to a cough and phlegm. Thank goodness this thing is almost over. It’s a bummer staying inside all week. I took her outside on her bike anyways today to get some air and sunlight. Of course I ended up pushing her most of the time. For some reason Abby can peddle backwards with no problem, but going forward is something else entirely. It also doesn’t help that we live on a hill.

Yesterday was a no nap day. I had plans to see “Stranger Than Fiction” with Elise and I figured Scott would have an easy night with Abby. Abby was more than ready for bed when I left the house at seven, but Scott said she gained a second wind that lasted until 10:30pm. The movie was good, and it felt great to get out. Abby woke up at 2am and looked over at me and said, “Hi Mommy!” I thought I was going to be up the rest of the night. She looked totally awake and gave me this huge smile, and then she passed out again.

I’ve perfected baked sweet potato sticks, or sweet potato “fries”. I cut up the sweet potato into small sticks like French fries, put them on a sheet with olive oil and salt and stick them in the oven for a bit until tender. Abby and I have been eating them like they’re going out of fashion.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I do not put stock in being discreet because I feel like I'm giving
all of myself to parenting and I have nothing left to give someone
else who needs emotional rehabiliation for being unable to cope with
the sight of a woman's breast.
- A woman posted this in one of my Yahoo groups. Beautifully said.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I wrote this on Tuesday. Abby pressed the power button on the computer and then asked me if I wanted to “do markers”.
Abby’s cold is kind of worse today. She fell asleep last night at 9pm and woke up about an hour later with a horrible phlegm cough. Scott kind of freaked out. Coughs always sound terrible at night. I gave her some Chestal to help her cough it up and Abby went back to sleep. My boobs haven’t gotten a break in two days now. I actually was able to lay her in bed and sneak away. My boobs need to rest or they might just fall off.

When Abby’s sick I am more lenient when it comes to certain things, like the TV. Her poor nose was runny and all red and she didn’t want to do anything. We ended up watching Tony Tang’s Modern Thai Cooking on PBS. That got me in the mood to make pasta. This time I had all the correct flours and the pasta itself before I cooked it was perfect. I overcooked the pasta. Abby and I still ate it with a dash of olive oil and spice.

Marjorie and Pablo had a huge fight over pastries the other day. Scott was home to listen with me. So Pablo came home with pastries for Marjorie. They happened to be in a box that was tied shut with string. Marjorie blew a gasket over the string. She kept going on and on about how the box should have been stapled. Pastries go in a stapled box not a box with string according to her. Pablo was like what do you want me to do? Marjorie told him next time he was to ask them to staple it shut. The argument escalated into a full out scream fest with Marjorie telling Pablo she wanted a separation and he needed to move out then and there. She threatened to tell her mother that he “violates” her. I’m not too sure what Marjorie’s mother could do. Her mother has got to be in her eighties.

Here’s the boots I’ve been drooling over. I saw them at the shoe store next to Whole Foods in Union Square. I’ve been contemplating either new sneakers or boots. Today the boots have won. If Abby’s feeling better tomorrow, I’ll have to trek into Manhattan to get them.

The digital camera was confiscated by Abby today. Here’s a few noteworthy photos she took.

Today, Wednesday, I saw Marjorie’s mother. I swear to you I heard the Star Wars theme for Darth Vader play as she emerged from her cab. Oh my. All I saw at first from my perch in my front windows were her giant hands trying to count the money for the cabbie. Marjorie was in the cab as well and if I know Marjorie, she was trying to argue the cab fare. After a few minutes of back and forth with the money, her mother emerges. First two thick legs in boots swing out of the door followed by her cane, then the rest of her heaves out. Darth Vader is wearing a long heavy looking coat with a hood and lots of layers underneath. A bit much for the warm weather we’ve been having. Her hair is long and dyed brown. I’m always amazed when I see much older women with long hair. I’ve known two older women who had long beautiful grey hair and I told myself I would never cut my grey hair short or dye it. In this case, this woman’s hair made her look evil. Marjorie comes around the cab and starts to walk down the sidewalk away from the house. Her mother yells she’s gone to far, and Marjorie fumbles around trying to get to the front gate. All night Scott and I could hear the three of them in their living room talking and watching TV. Kind of kills the moment when you hear two psychos and Darth Vader conversing. Curses to our open balcony.

I went jogging again today. This time I did one minute of jogging and one minute of walking rotations for twenty minutes. I seemed to get a better sweat this time. It feels good to be working out again! Maybe I’ll get some of my muscles back that I had when I was dancing.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Abby woke up with a cough this morning. She’s supposed to have her scratch test tomorrow. I wonder if it will still happen. It would be nice to know exactly what she’s allergic to before Thanksgiving. When Abby gets a cold, she tends to nurse excessively. That’s all we have done today- nurse. At least she’s not boycotting the left boob any more. I asked Abby what was wrong with the left side and the only answer she would give me was, “No! That one!” I’m feeling drained and my boobs are tired.

Scott’s not making the turkey this year for T-day. We won’t be arriving in MD early enough for the turkey to soak in the brine. Scott makes the best turkeys ever. They are so wonderfully delicious that an Abby was created within their glorious tryptophan haze. Next year we are staying in New York for Thanksgiving. Scott loves Thanksgiving more than the holidays, and we tend to go all out with the food. I wanted to have a small dinner here this year. It gets hectic going up and down to MD during the holidays. Then trying to arrange where we will be staying so everyone has equal Abby time.

I started a jogging routine. It’s the couch to 5K program. I plan to jog Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Plus I am making Scott jog on the days I am not jogging to get him back into his routine. I made it to 28th street and back in the twenty minutes. After calculating the distance, it’s about two miles. I wasn’t totally dead after the jog but I was sweaty. No sore muscles today. It feels good to be working out again.

Where have all my workout clothes gone? I had a decent stash of dance pants and tops from when I danced in high school. There were these black pants with a white strip down the side that I loved and they are nowhere to be found. I wonder if my sister took them. I’ll have to get a few things.

This weekend Scott spent the most time alone with Abby ever. By last night, he told me Abby was starting to annoy him. She wasn’t doing anything unusual. He asked me how I could be with her constantly and still be sane. I don’t know. Sometimes I do want to run the other way, but she’s two and trying to figure the world out. You gotta suck it up once in awhile. To give him some alone time, Abby and I went to the side room to draw while he watched TV. This coming from a man who wants a second child.

We’ve acquired a baker’s table, which has totally freed up tons of space in the kitchen. I took a picture.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scott was up last night until 3am. He said he was working on his blog and playing computer games most of the night. I am anxiously awaiting his 3am blog creation. Around 2am, a young man dressed in an oversized sports jersey with a large 7 on the back and the typical low riding jeans awakened me. He was yelling at the top of his lungs into his cell phone using the usual street lingo. The only bits of his conversation I could understand were, “You put the bitch on the phone.” “Come down to my block!” “I want my daughter!” “I’m not like that, nigger!” “NO-no-no-no-no!” I think he went on like this for over an hour walking up and down the block. You think the person on the other end of the phone would hang up and not answer the damn phone! After about a half hour of trying to tune him out, I called the cops since no else was going to. We only have cell phones and it was too late to try and dig up the non-emergency NYC number, so I called 911. I was disconnected while the woman tried to transfer me to 311. Whatever, the guy looked like he was getting his fair share of bad karma. It was like a trip down memory lane. Ahh Baltimore.

The laundry is all put away and the house is picked up. All I have to do is the dishes and wash the floors. We’re making vegan potpie tonight and I need to start the dough. Scott took Abby to Mateo’s to see his new puppy and play in the park there. Nice quiet house.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I’ve been reading Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn and it’s got me thinking. Mostly, it has shown me how much our parent’s parenting has affected our parenting. Parenting from the heart essentially means parenting the only way we know how- like our parents. I love my parents completely, just wanted to state that first, but this book has changed my thinking. I don’t want Abby to ever feel that our love for her is conditional. I see how rewards and punishments are part of the same wheel of destruction. Yet, I understand the ideal is to love unconditionally, but sometimes we have to get things done. At some point those shoes must go on and we have to get out the door. The point is after all the fuss is over, to not withhold our love. What does a punishment do besides make the person who is receiving the punishment angry and very upset? If we love our children so deeply, why do we withhold love from them? Kohn brings to light where the idea of “time-outs” originated. I didn’t know they came from the behaviorist scientists who used time outs on animals and monkeys. They assumed what worked for animals must work for humans. It’s all about control. How many times have we heard out in public, or even uttered it under our breath, “that parent better get control of that child!” I wonder, if the parent had a better relationship with the child one based on unconditional love and communication, would that child be acting out? Super Nanny seems like the worst kind of evildoer handing out “naughty chairs” to kids across the lands perpetuating the vicious cycle of rewards and punishments. The parents I see at the park constantly yelling no at their kids grates on me now. Kohn asks, “would we talk to another adult the way we talk to our kids?” Probably not. I could go on, but read the book. What an eye opener.

I notice a difference in Abby when I explain why I need her to do something as opposed to telling her to just do it. Take last night for example. Abby took Scott’s wallet off the dresser to play with and we were trying to get her to bed. Scott needed the wallet where he could find it in the morning and Abby needed to lay down. Instead of taking it from her and saying, I need this, I asked her if she could put it back on the dresser because Daddy needed it there so he could find it in the morning. Initially she said no, but after I asked her again, she thought about it and she put it back where she got it without fussing.

I had a dream the other night. It was one of those induced by PMS and the primary color is red. Although I never got my period for October and I’m still waiting for November’s. This is going to sound so cliché, but it was a weird one. I had Abby on my back in the Mei Tai and we were headed out to climb a mountain out in the boonies somewhere. Halfway up I come across an RV where my high school art teacher is hanging out. Only the RV once inside is huge almost like a mall totally decked out in red Arabian Nights decor. I say I have to wait here for a friend. He lets me sit, and I’m constantly worrying about Abby getting away or having to pee. The friend I was waiting for turns out to be a friend who stopped talking to me because she didn’t approve of the way I told her I got married. I was a bit surprised, but we hugged and went outside to finish climbing the mountain together. How bazaar. What could the mountain symbolize? I haven’t thought about this friend in years. The dream left me feeling slightly confused for most of the day.

We’re making White Bean Cassoulet tonight for dinner. Yumm. Maybe I’ll make cookies this weekend.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

There wasn't enough light in the apartment, but Abby is too cute in this video. Scott brought home an audio device from work and we were fooling around with it.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Where to begin? It’s been kind of crazy around here. I can’t even remember what day it was that Pablo came upstairs to fiddle with the radiators before the heat man came to fix them. Abby and I are sitting on the couch watching Pablo bleed the radiator when he notices the heat has been turned off. Pablo huffs and puffs his way downstairs to turn it back on. On his way back up I hear him cursing Marjorie under his breath for turning the heat off. As he is bleeding the radiators again, he starts to unload his life story on me. I guess he needed someone to vent to and I was a captive audience. Marjorie and Pablo were married nine years ago. Pablo was a master carpenter living and working in Manhattan. He had a two-bedroom apartment somewhere that he loved and gave up when Marjorie suggested they buy a house in Brooklyn and become landlords. She said he could do all the work and maintenance and she could manage. After they move in Marjorie refuses to let Pablo fix or renovate anything in the house. She wants ‘professionals’ to do the work. This pisses Pablo off to no end. He told me there were things he would like to fix in our apartment and she outright refuses. I wanted to tell him he is welcome to come up anytime to fix whatever he wants. I wouldn’t mind having a new kitchen or bathroom put in. Pablo said that Marjorie wasn’t blind when he first met her. Now she’s legally blind and the poodle she takes everywhere is a Seeing Eye dog. Her blindness and almost deafness has made her bitter, resentful and very controlling. Marjorie was a schoolteacher for handicapped children. Again, Pablo noticed that the pressure in the radiator pipes was gone and cursed Marjorie for turning the heat off. He hobbled his way downstairs to turn the heat on. When he came back he told me Marjorie wanted him to wait for the ‘professional’ to come. I found out that Pablo has a son he’s very proud of from I assume an earlier marriage. His son lives in London and works in the music industry as a producer/mixer. The last time his son came to town, Pablo had left for a few days to stay with a friend after a fight with Marjorie. When his son called the house, Marjorie refused to tell his son where he was and Pablo missed his son as a result. It seems that when Pablo leaves after they fight he usually sleeps in his van. Once more Marjorie turned the heat off while Pablo was trying to fix it. Whatever Pablo did to the heat, it worked and we had an extremely toasty apartment for the next few days. Then the water heater broke.

Of course the water heater would die the weekend my sister was coming up to visit. Oh, and the electricity in the bathroom went kaput as well. No lights and no hot water from Thursday night until Saturday morning. The electrician found a loose wire, which was kind of scary. On a good note though, the guy replaced the light over the fan so now our shower isn’t a dark damp hole in the wall anymore. It’s a bright damp three-foot by three-foot hole in the wall. Now the house has a new water heater. Once it was installed Saturday morning, the boiler died. Again. It seems now that everything is finally in working order and replaced.

Today, Abby and I met Emily and Yoav at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to enjoy the last of the somewhat warm weather. Abby and Yoav had tons of fun playing in the Children’s garden and running around. For lunch we sat at the restaurant and were harassed by an employee for eating outside food. He actually got a security guard to ask us to leave. I told the security guard that Abby has severe food allergies and cannot be near dairy. The security guard let us sit in peace. Some people! I could understand if there was a place where people could eat the food they bring, but there is no other place where food is allowed. It’s absurd.

Last night I fell asleep and forgot to put Abby’s nighttime diaper on. I woke up at two am and tried to put one on her. She said “NO DIAPER!” and went back to sleep. I gently woke her back up and asked if she wanted to use the potty. Again she goes, “NO DIAPER!” and rolls over to sleep. It was too late to press further with the diaper/potty issue and I went back to sleep praying I wouldn’t wake up wet. Scott’s alarm went off at four am and I took Abby with me to the potty. She peed and we slept through until 8:30 am. Wahooo! Abby stayed dry all night!

It seems that Scott is turning kind of vegan on his own. I noticed that he has stopped buying milk and has been drinking rice milk. The last time we got coffee, he got soy. Then last night for taco night he got all beans instead of buffalo meat. I wonder how long he’ll go…

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The neighborhood Halloween party was a blast! Our Sunset Park Parents group has really grown. It’s great to see all the networking among the families. Abby rocked out to Elise’s husband Brian’s music. Scott and I stayed until Abby had a bit of a squabble with a friend over a basket of toy food. Abby tends to get possessive over toys when other kids try to take them without asking first. I don’t think I should have to force my child to give up a toy she had first when she doesn’t want to. Sharing is a hard concept for a two year old and so is learning to wait for your turn. It was time for us to leave the party anyways.

At the playground today I witnessed something disturbing. Sitting near the top of the bigger jungle gym in our park, was a young boy about four years old. Every time a kid would come near this boy, he would push the kid. These weren’t just light pushes. These were knock-you-down and continue pushing kind of pushes. Abby was playing with a three year old boy she has played with a few times before. Her friend tried to walk up to get to the platform where the mean boy was sitting which leads to the slide, but was promptly pushed down and pinned to the ground until I was able to reach the friend. I gave the mean boy a very stern look and told him that was extremely mean and he hurt the friend. I asked where his mother was, but the mean boy didn’t speak English. Abby happened to be walking near the platform where the mean boy was to walk across the bridge, and this mean boy gets up from his spot and walks over to push Abby. I picked Abby up and took her to the other side of the park. Where was this kid’s mother? A few minutes later I look over in the mean boy’s direction and at the same moment he pushes a very young toddler down the short ladder leading up to where he is. Thank God the father of the young toddler was there to catch his child. Then the mean boy turns around and pushes a girl down, takes her shoe and throws it. The mean boy picked the wrong girl to push. That girl’s mother picked her daughter up then turned around and grabbed the boy by his foot and swatted his ass all the while yelling at him. Finally the boy’s mother gets up off her fat ass to get her son. The boy’s mother takes her scared son back to the bench where she was sitting and literally ten minutes later the boy was back to pushing kids down. Only this time he did it in view of his mother and she picked him up and left. Lack of parental supervision is the biggest problem at our park. These mothers sit on those benches and stare off into space while their kids run wild. Could the bad behavior be a result of all the crap these kids ate last night? Hmmm…