Monday, November 13, 2006

Abby woke up with a cough this morning. She’s supposed to have her scratch test tomorrow. I wonder if it will still happen. It would be nice to know exactly what she’s allergic to before Thanksgiving. When Abby gets a cold, she tends to nurse excessively. That’s all we have done today- nurse. At least she’s not boycotting the left boob any more. I asked Abby what was wrong with the left side and the only answer she would give me was, “No! That one!” I’m feeling drained and my boobs are tired.

Scott’s not making the turkey this year for T-day. We won’t be arriving in MD early enough for the turkey to soak in the brine. Scott makes the best turkeys ever. They are so wonderfully delicious that an Abby was created within their glorious tryptophan haze. Next year we are staying in New York for Thanksgiving. Scott loves Thanksgiving more than the holidays, and we tend to go all out with the food. I wanted to have a small dinner here this year. It gets hectic going up and down to MD during the holidays. Then trying to arrange where we will be staying so everyone has equal Abby time.

I started a jogging routine. It’s the couch to 5K program. I plan to jog Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Plus I am making Scott jog on the days I am not jogging to get him back into his routine. I made it to 28th street and back in the twenty minutes. After calculating the distance, it’s about two miles. I wasn’t totally dead after the jog but I was sweaty. No sore muscles today. It feels good to be working out again.

Where have all my workout clothes gone? I had a decent stash of dance pants and tops from when I danced in high school. There were these black pants with a white strip down the side that I loved and they are nowhere to be found. I wonder if my sister took them. I’ll have to get a few things.

This weekend Scott spent the most time alone with Abby ever. By last night, he told me Abby was starting to annoy him. She wasn’t doing anything unusual. He asked me how I could be with her constantly and still be sane. I don’t know. Sometimes I do want to run the other way, but she’s two and trying to figure the world out. You gotta suck it up once in awhile. To give him some alone time, Abby and I went to the side room to draw while he watched TV. This coming from a man who wants a second child.

We’ve acquired a baker’s table, which has totally freed up tons of space in the kitchen. I took a picture.


Hilary said...

Hey! Just rediscoverd your blog. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on everything. Abby is obviously thriving. Keep us updated about the allergy testing. I have a feeling that a trip to the allergist is in Merriwether's future too.

Take care,

Charlotte said...

Good Luck on the Allergy testing. Maybe it'll give you some insight on what's been going on with Abby. Also Terry always asks me how can I take Olivia when she's driving me up the wall. I tell him...I think it's because I'm used to it by now. That's good that Scott is spending time with her though! Have a good day!