Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Everything has been settled with the hotel for the babywearing convention. We’re still waiting for a few more vendors to sign on, but we’re nearly there! Scott has yet to decide what he wants to do career-wise. He has two options and he’s holding out on one to see what develops. I hate being in limbo.

Yet again Abby and I spent a tortuous hour in a hot waiting room to see the allergist. The best part is that the doctor couldn’t perform the scratch test! Oh the insanity of it all! Abby still has a bit of a cough, and the doctor wanted to wait until it was gone. So we’ll be waiting until December 6th for the scratch test. If I could switch doctors without a bunch of hoopla I would.

Scott brought home a laptop from work. A client needed a laptop and Scott’s company rents them by the month to the different properties. He takes it back and forth to work in a satchel. I think it makes him feel important. Almost every night he’s been playing War Craft and Star Craft on it. I can’t wait for the laptop to return. It’s PC germs are infecting my Mac workspace.

Tomorrow morning we head off to Maryland on the Acela. I’m sure all the business people are going to love having a two year old in business class. Let the fun begin!

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Amy Donschikowski said...

Doh! You have the worst luck with allergists. I don't see what having a cold has to do with a skin test. You should start billing them for your time. Good luck on your journey down to MD!