Saturday, November 18, 2006

The house is totally a mess today. What happened? Scott took Abby grocery shopping and I got the laundry done. I do not feel like cleaning today. My shoulder is in a huge knot from sleeping funny last night and it’s cloudy outside. Today is going to be like pulling teeth. Maybe I’ll go to Target and get a new shower curtain. Will that make me feel better? It’s also 2pm and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Where’s Scott with the food?

Scott experienced his first “I should have taken the diaper bag” experience. Abby had yet to poop before he left the house for the store this morning. I put a cloth diaper on her and knowing she hadn’t pooped yet, I gave her an angel wing fold. Sure enough on the train going over the Manhattan Bridge into the city, Abby poops a huge one. Scott had nothing. When he got to Whole Foods he asked for a bag and cleaned Abby up as best as he could. Poor little thing is going commando. Scott said he got poop everywhere when he tried to take her diaper off. He knows how to put the cloth diapers on and off and how to wash them, but whenever there’s poop involved he freaks out. Though this is the longest Abby has gone without pooping in a diaper. For two weeks she has been using the potty. She was on the train and when you gotta go, you gotta go.

I’m going to lay down and read and wait for Scott and Abby to come home and hope that they got something good to eat.

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Charlotte said...

I felt the same way today. Maybe it's something about today that we just didn't want to do anything.