Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I wrote this on Tuesday. Abby pressed the power button on the computer and then asked me if I wanted to “do markers”.
Abby’s cold is kind of worse today. She fell asleep last night at 9pm and woke up about an hour later with a horrible phlegm cough. Scott kind of freaked out. Coughs always sound terrible at night. I gave her some Chestal to help her cough it up and Abby went back to sleep. My boobs haven’t gotten a break in two days now. I actually was able to lay her in bed and sneak away. My boobs need to rest or they might just fall off.

When Abby’s sick I am more lenient when it comes to certain things, like the TV. Her poor nose was runny and all red and she didn’t want to do anything. We ended up watching Tony Tang’s Modern Thai Cooking on PBS. That got me in the mood to make pasta. This time I had all the correct flours and the pasta itself before I cooked it was perfect. I overcooked the pasta. Abby and I still ate it with a dash of olive oil and spice.

Marjorie and Pablo had a huge fight over pastries the other day. Scott was home to listen with me. So Pablo came home with pastries for Marjorie. They happened to be in a box that was tied shut with string. Marjorie blew a gasket over the string. She kept going on and on about how the box should have been stapled. Pastries go in a stapled box not a box with string according to her. Pablo was like what do you want me to do? Marjorie told him next time he was to ask them to staple it shut. The argument escalated into a full out scream fest with Marjorie telling Pablo she wanted a separation and he needed to move out then and there. She threatened to tell her mother that he “violates” her. I’m not too sure what Marjorie’s mother could do. Her mother has got to be in her eighties.

Here’s the boots I’ve been drooling over. I saw them at the shoe store next to Whole Foods in Union Square. I’ve been contemplating either new sneakers or boots. Today the boots have won. If Abby’s feeling better tomorrow, I’ll have to trek into Manhattan to get them.

The digital camera was confiscated by Abby today. Here’s a few noteworthy photos she took.

Today, Wednesday, I saw Marjorie’s mother. I swear to you I heard the Star Wars theme for Darth Vader play as she emerged from her cab. Oh my. All I saw at first from my perch in my front windows were her giant hands trying to count the money for the cabbie. Marjorie was in the cab as well and if I know Marjorie, she was trying to argue the cab fare. After a few minutes of back and forth with the money, her mother emerges. First two thick legs in boots swing out of the door followed by her cane, then the rest of her heaves out. Darth Vader is wearing a long heavy looking coat with a hood and lots of layers underneath. A bit much for the warm weather we’ve been having. Her hair is long and dyed brown. I’m always amazed when I see much older women with long hair. I’ve known two older women who had long beautiful grey hair and I told myself I would never cut my grey hair short or dye it. In this case, this woman’s hair made her look evil. Marjorie comes around the cab and starts to walk down the sidewalk away from the house. Her mother yells she’s gone to far, and Marjorie fumbles around trying to get to the front gate. All night Scott and I could hear the three of them in their living room talking and watching TV. Kind of kills the moment when you hear two psychos and Darth Vader conversing. Curses to our open balcony.

I went jogging again today. This time I did one minute of jogging and one minute of walking rotations for twenty minutes. I seemed to get a better sweat this time. It feels good to be working out again! Maybe I’ll get some of my muscles back that I had when I was dancing.


Amy Donschikowski said...

Just wait until you get grey hair. Let's just hope you're not still in your twenties when it happens to you. Riley needs new footwear too, and I've also been debating boots or sneakers. It's so fun buying shoes for girls, but I always pay way more than I would for a pair of shoes for myself. And then she'll draw on them with an ink pen. You're stories about your landlords are always so freakin' hilarious!

Charlotte said...

I hope Abby gets to feeling better soon. The fall and winter colds are not fun at all. I'm still debating on getting Livy boots too but I think shes getting some for xmas from my sister. The stories on the landlords are so funny! Love 'em!