Monday, November 20, 2006

Scott’s company is getting the boot by the hotel. The hotel wants to use an in-house guy. Scott needs to move his stuff out by December 18th. In the grand scheme of things, this happens all the time. It’s business. What this means for Scott is he’ll get placed somewhere else. We are anxiously awaiting where that somewhere else is. I’ve decided to do what I did when we were in Baltimore right before we found out we’d be moving here, sit back and see what happens. I’m now a bit worried about the babywearing convention. With Scott not working in the hotel, we’re going to have to pay for AV. I’m starting to worry a bit.

Lately Abby has been calling me by my first name. It’s weird and my name sounds funny coming out of her mouth. I don’t like it. When she calls me Amy, I gently remind her my name is mommy to her. We’ve had discussions about how daddy can call me Amy, but she’s to call me mommy. Abby doesn’t do it all that much anymore. Usually I’ll get an Amy, when she’s asking me for something. I wonder if she got it from Scott?

Tomorrow is Abby’s allergy skin testing. She still has a nasty cough that makes an appearance every so often, but I want her to get this done before we leave for Maryland. Speaking of Maryland, I would love to get together with the mama’s back in Baltimore. Maybe a walk around Lake Montebello or on the path that runs along the sports fields off of Harford road? Or even tea and pastries at the Red Canoe. Ahh the Red Canoe. It’s supposed to be a children’s bookstore and café, but it’s more of an adult café with this charming bookstore that happens to be just kid’s books but please don’t bring your child near any of the books and we don’t have highchairs so you can sit and drink your hot beverage without spilling it on you or your child, plus there’s no changing tables in the rest room so why even bring your kid? Scott and the owner have this competition to see who can get the last word in before we leave.

I had to perform minor surgery on my iBook today. Abby somehow got the 'v' key dislodged. Thank goodness I got it fixed using my etching tool from printmaking. I knew there was a reason why I took that horrible class.

Here’s a few photos of Abby with her first ever pony tail that lasted about five minutes.


Amy Donschikowski said...

Riley sometimes calls me Amy, usually just to see my reaction. On the positive side, it shows complex thinking, that you can be two things at once, Mommy and Amy, and different things to different people. Abby's a little darling! She looks so much bigger and more mature. I can't wait to see her and she how the girls all get along!

Charlotte said...

Livy calls me Charlotte sometimes but mainly calls her daddy, Terry. We have tried telling her that I'm Mommy and that's daddy but I think it's just a phase they go through. She rarely calls me that anymore. How adorable on the pony tail. Livy loves to have her hair put up! We'll pray that you guys won't have to move from NYC. Have a great day!